10 Best Google Home Games For Your Kids

Google Home is an amazing gadget which offers tons of useful features while keeping you entertained. It is the perfect device for your Smart home which helps you from controlling lights to ordering food. There are a lot of tasks which you can ask your kids to do as well and they may find it really entertaining. It can improve their learning skills as well in a fun way, while they get things done.

google home game for kids

So, while you’re busy making a business plan or planning a party for your friends, here are the 10 best Google home games which can keep your kiddos engaged in the meanwhile.

1. This or That

Just like the name says, This or That is a fun game which offers you two different scenarios for a fact, and you have to pick one. It is one of the most popular Google Home games listed under kid friendly section and can surely keep you lil ones entertained for a while.

2. Ding Dong Coconut

Remember that crazy memory game we used to play where we had to keep adding words in every round and see how far it went? Yes, Ding Dong Coconut is all about that but with a lil twist. Here you’ll be offered different sounds that you need to associate with words. And when Google Home plays that specific sound, you have to say out loud the associated word. Every new round adds new words and sounds to make the game more interesting and challenging.

3. Freeze and Dance

freeze and dance

It’s just like our traditional Freeze and Dance game we play during parties where one has to freeze just when the music stops. The only sad part was one person always had to engage to control the music to do the play and pause. Well, not anymore! Google Home can do the job very well while you dance in the wackiest possible way.

4. The Misfortunate Cookie

This is more like a subtle Truth and Dare game where Google Home gives you different situations or if we talk in the game terms it tells you how a misfortune is headed towards your way. It can be anything from doing silly dance moves on the street.

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5. Tricky Genie

The Tricky Genie is more like a storytelling game where your kids have to concentrate and listen to the story first. The story is more like a situation of few characters who’re trapped in an unpleasant condition. Then the Genie arrives and offers three magic solutions to make things right. You’ll be given two chances to guess the right answer and win the game.

6. Mental Math Game

Guess it’s time to improve your kids mathematical skills now! Try the Mental math game on Google so that your kids can practice the basics like addition, subtraction, division so on. You’ll be offered with a math problem with two possible answers, and you have to pick the right one.

7. Mad Libs

mab lips game for kids google home

This is one fun Google Home game where your kids can really have a good time laughing. In this game, you’ll be asked to fill in the blanks with random words to make a phrase funny. But it either has to be an adjective our noun or preposition or whatever Google says.

8. Tic Tac Toe

Ever thought you could play an imaginary tic tac toe? Well, yes! Simply imagine the board in your head and play against Google Assistant. Sounds like so much fun, isn’t it?

9. Lucky Trivia

Lucky Trivia

This is a fun game which you can play along your kids. Up to 5 family members can play the game together and have a good time along. You simply need to answer questions and try to get as many right as possible.

10. Number Master

Just like the basic memory game, but here you have to remember a series of number and see how far you can go on. Play with a bunch of friends and see how goes longer without messing up.

So folks, here were the 10 best Google home games for your kids. They can now improve their learning skills in fun way while you’re busy with some important task. Lighten up your day and try any of these games keep your family entertained!

Guess it’s time to put a new spin on family time, right?

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