Windows 11 Auto Updates To 22H2 – What Will You Get?

Whether or not you intended it to, your Windows computer may have recently updated itself because Microsoft recently started upgrading Windows 11 PCs automatically as part of its major yearly update. This major update also known as Windows 22H2 updates was released in September 2022 as an optional update originally.

Windows 11 Auto Updates To 22H2: What Are The Features

Here are five of the Windows 11 2022 Update’s more significant improvements that you should look at right away.

Climpchamp: Video Editor Tool


Clipchamp is the new default video editor for Windows. It’s easier to use and more approachable than professional video editors, serving as a sort of spiritual successor to applications like Windows Movie Maker. If you’re sharing a YouTube video with friends, you can use it to make a quick cut or fade in. The tool can upload content straight to YouTube, TikTok, and numerous web storage sites. It also features the standard basic timeline and editing features.

If you don’t find this tool on your PC after the update then you can directly download it from the Microsoft Store.

File Explorer Tabs

File Explorer Tabs

Power users have been anticipating this for a while. Microsoft, at last, provided a multiple tabs option in  File Explorer in the Windows 11 2022 Update, a feature that more sophisticated alternative file browsers have been utilizing for decades.

Any Explorer window can be opened with a new tab by simply clicking the “+” icon in the top menu bar. Though you can’t click and drag tabs into a new Explorer window, they function exactly as they do in any modern online browser (yet). While you’re here, take a look at the updated left-hand menu, which now provides quicker access to system folders and your frequently visited locations.

Start Menu Folders

Start Menu Folders

You will adore the new folders feature if you enjoy having a lot of apps conveniently accessible in the Start Menu. It functions mostly in the same way as iOS or Android folders do. A folder can be created by combining any two or more shortcuts, and any folder can have a unique name.

Simply click and drag one Start Menu symbol onto another to begin. Release the mouse button after you see both of them begin to contract, and a folder will be created on its own. After selecting the new folder, click the title to change its name. You can create as many folders as you want and drag any other apps in or out of them.

New Snap Bars

New Snap Bars

One of the most helpful multitasking capabilities in more recent Windows versions is the Snap Bar. If you routinely drag windows around by their title bars, you may have seen it: it’s that feature that makes it simple to move windows to the bottom half, top third, or top fourth of your screen.

Place your mouse pointer between the close (X) and minimize (_) buttons in the top-right corner of the screen. The six most popular layout alternatives are displayed. Any of the sub-grids in this pop-up can be clicked to move the window there. You may also “dig down” into the settings by pressing Win + Z, a number, and a second number to open this view.

Updated NotePad

Even though NotePad is one of Windows’ oldest and most basic utilities, it has a few more features than you would remember. It now follows the dark or light color scheme in your personalization preferences in the most basic version.

Perhaps Microsoft has even greater plans for the little NotePad. As you read this, tabs in NotePad, a feature comparable to Windows Explorer’s inclusion, are being added to testing versions of Windows 11. It is unknown if this will be included in the full release.

Bonus Feature: Third-Party Widgets

Third-Party Widgets

Microsoft thinks that widgets are currently fashionable, and it has no immediate intentions to abandon the concept. This is most likely the reason why widgets will soon receive significant changes, and third-party widgets may have a considerable impact on Microsoft’s long-term plans for the feature. With Facebook’s first third-party widget, you can view Messenger conversations right on the Widgets board. Users can rely on the Messenger widget, which is based on the Windows App SDK 1.2, to display unread messages.

Other Features

Listed below is a quick summary of the most notable new features in Windows 11 version 22H2:

  • Improved File Explorer connectivity with OneDrive
  • Numerous UI enhancements
  • Start menu’s resizable pinned area
  • Drag objects onto the Taskbar.
  • Integration of Focus Assist with Notification Center
  • “Spotlight” wallpaper feature.
  • Brand-new voice accessibility function
  • New accessibility feature for Live Captions
  • New animations and movements for touch users

Windows 11 Auto Updates To 22H2 – What Do You Think?

Also included with the new update will be features like Credential Guard, Smart App Control, Malicious Driver Blocking, Personal Information Encryption, Efficiency Video Coding, etc. It seems Microsoft wants to improve the user experience of Windows users after all.

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