Tips to Save Data While Using Instagram, Snapchat or Whatsapp

If you are spending lots of money on data packs on your smartphone plans, then then you certainly need to do something about it. If you are not a gamer and do not use your smartphone for extra data consuming tasks, then you should check where your mobile data is being spent. There are many inbuilt features and third-party application to know this.

You will be surprised to know that you spend your most of data in social media applications that you use the most. Now the good news is developers of these applications already know this and they provide in-built features in most such applications to control excessive data usage.  In this article let us find out how you can save mobile data while using Instagram, snapchat or WhatsApp.

How to Save Data While Using Instagram, Snapchat or Whatsapp

1. Save Data While Using WhatsApp:

Let us begin with the application we use the most WhatsApp uses your data for so many things such as for sending receiving videos and images. It actively consumes data in background. Thankfully there are number of workarounds to stop WhatsApp from doing this. Here is majorly what can be done to restrict data usage.

     a. Turn off chat back up or exclude Media:

If you have chat backup turned on for an external drive such as Google Drive or iClouds, then it can be a big reason why your smartphone is consuming so much data because this practice consumes data 2 times once when you download a photo or a video and once when it gets backed up on external drive. So, it is a better idea to turn on backup excluding media.

Turn off chat back up or exclude Media

     b. Restrict automatic download of videos and photos:

If you have enabled automatic downloading of photos and videos to make things simpler for you, then it may also consume more data. Let us find out how say for example your friend has shared a funny video with you and it was downloaded automatically and the same video he has shared in two groups in which you are also a participant then the same video will be downloaded thrice this results in extra data consumption, On the other hand if you keep this setting turned off then you will simply need to tap an image or video which you want to watch. It helps in saving lots of data.

Restrict automatic download of videos and photos

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2. Save Data While Using Instagram:

Another application which consumes data more than you expect is Instagram because the pages and people you follow keep uploading posts and stories which are mostly in high definition. Whenever you open the app these posts get loaded and your devices consumes data. But luckily on Instagram there is an in-built feature to use lesser mobile data. Here is how you can enable it.

  1. Go to your profile and then head to settings.
  2. In the settings menu you will find Mobile data use.
    save data while Instagram
  3. In Mobile data use there are two options one is Default and the other one is “Use Less data
    save data usage while using Instagram
  4. You can choose “Use Less data” to Make your device consume less data while using Instagram.
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3. Save Data While Using Snapchat:

If you love to watch Snapchat stories and love to add amazing filters to your photos. Then you might have noticed that it not only consumes data but battery also. No doubt no other application can beat snapchat in filters but when you will go and check the data consumption then it may be on the top of the list. But snapchat also have an inbuilt feature to control data and usage and battery. Here is how you can turn this feature on.

  1. Open snapchat and tap on settings icon given at the top right corner.
    save data usage using Snapchat
  2. You will find Manage or Manage preferences in settings.
    save data usage while using snapchat-1
  3. Under this setting there is a Travel Mode which is meant to save data and battery. Turn on travel mode this setting will help you to save data.
    save data usage while using snapchat-2
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This is how now you will not need to spend much data and you can use your favorite applications all day and can save mobile days by configuring these given settings.

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