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8 Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Of Dropbox

As we’re becoming more and more prone to technology, the need for data storage is now one of our prime necessities. Almost all of our data is now stored in a digital format be it files, pictures, videos, audio or anything. When talking ab...

For iPhone

How To Set Passcode For Dropbox App On iPhone

Dropbox is a multiplatform app that can be used for both sharing and storing large files or photos. Apart from these, there’s another use of this app for iPhone users as their smartphones do not come inbuilt with a way to hide or lock pho...

For Windows

3 Ways To Use Multiple Dropbox Accounts On Windows

Believe it or not, but the conventional forms of storing data have surely become obsolete now. A big thanks to cloud storage technology, our data now remains stored at much more secure locations and is available anywhere, anytime. We don’...