Smart Driver Care vs Driver Finder vs Avast Driver Updater

Today, we have set on a mammoth task of identifying the best driver updater software available in the app market today. All applications that fall under this category do fulfill the basic requirement of updating drivers, but we are looking for an app that offers something more. Today, we have taken three popular apps, namely Smart Driver Care vs Driver Finder vs Avast Driver Updater for comparison.

Without further ado, let us begin examining each app, and may the best app win!

For those who want to skip the details and get to the bottom of this comparison at once, you can look at the table below to identify the winner.

Smart Driver Care vs Driver Finder vs Avast Driver Updater

Summary of Comparison

Feature Smart Driver Care Driver Finder Avast Driver Updater
Driver Update Yes Yes Yes
Software Update Yes No No
Update Scheduler Yes No No
Backup Drivers Yes Yes No
Price $39.95 $ 29.95 $39.99
Trial version Yes No Yes

Note: The column with the maximum number of yes is the clear winner. The cost of the product does matter in some cases but the difference between all the products is not large. Hence it would be a wise decision to not consider a few dollars extra when purchasing a full year’s subscription.

For others, who are interested in more details as to why Smart Driver Care was chosen as the winner, you will have to read the details below examining every product below.

What Are Drivers & Why Are They Important?

Drivers are small programs that bridge the communication gap between the software and the hardware. In case you are wondering why there is a gap in the first place then you need to understand that all your hardware speaks low-level machine languages like the binary language or the language of zeroes and ones.

While the software is developed using high-end languages like Java and Dot Net Framework. Thus, to establish and maintain communication between them, we need drivers that communicate human commands from hardware to software (for example, while gaming) and vice versa (for example, while printing).

Thus, it is important to keep your drivers updated to ensure that you enjoy a smooth and flawless experience with enhanced performance on your PC.

How To Update Your Drivers On Windows 10?

Now that you know that updating drivers is important, the next task is how to update them. There are four different ways to update your drivers on your Windows 10 PC and I have compared them as well.

Method Description Pros Cons
Windows Updates The Windows OS update feature does deliver driver updates occasionally It is an in-built feature of the Windows OS and does not require installation. Consumes considerable time & effort with the chances of receiving updated drivers being very low.
Device Manager Microsoft has inculcated a driver updater utility within the Windows Operating System This tool is automated and requires very little effort as it can begin its search by pressing a few mouse clicks. This tool consumes time and looks for updated drivers on Microsoft Servers only which means there would be a delay in receiving them.
OEM Websites All hardware manufacturers maintain a website where they upload the latest drivers of their products. This method guarantees updated drivers as this is the first place where the manufacturer would upload the driver after research and development. Although this method is a sure-shot way of getting updated drivers in no time it does require a lot of effort and one must be aware of certain tech skills like search, download, extract and install process.
Driver Updater Software A third-party application that can scan your computer to identify driver issues and update them. It is a fully automated process of scan, identify, search, download, and install that can be executed in no time with a few simple mouse clicks.  



The Driver Updater Software can scan and identify missing, corrupt, and outdated drivers in your system and update them with the latest and compatible drivers available on the internet. However, there arises a problem then there are more than one such application and the question that arises is:

Which one is the Best Driver Updater Software: Smart Driver Care vs Driver Finder vs Avast Driver Updater?

Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care

An outstanding easy-to-use application and a powerful tool to scan and identify driver issues like outdated drivers, corrupt drivers, and missing drivers on your computer. Once detected, all driver errors are fixed in a simple and swift procedure done by a few mouse clicks. Some of the most important features are:

  1. Updates Outdated Drivers

Using outdated drivers can damage your hardware but with Smart Driver Care, you can keep your drivers updated at all times and enjoy a smooth and flawless experience on your PC. This automated utility can eliminate the trouble of updating all the drivers one by one.

  1. One-Click Update Tool

Once you initiate the scanning process, a list of driver issues is displayed on the screen within the app interface with a button labeled as Update All. Click this button, and it will fix all drivers’ issues listed in no time.

update all

  1. Backup Installed Drivers

One of the very few applications in this category that takes a backup of your previous drivers before updating them.

  1. Restore Drivers In A Click

Drivers can be affected due to malware infection or system corruption. Fear not, because there is always a backup stored with Smart Driver Care.


Specifications Of Smart Driver Care

Compatible Platform Windows 7, 8 & 10
Free Disk Space 100 MB
Memory 256 MB RAM
Processor 300 MHz Pentium or higher
Internet Connection Yes
VGA Resolution 800 x 600
Country Of Origin India

Pricing Details Of Smart Driver Care

The cost of this astonishing application is $ 39.95 for one year’s subscription on 1 PC.


  • Automated Process
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Driver exclusion available
  • Schedule Driver update


  • None identified

Driver Finder

Driver Finder

Driver Finder is a cutting-edge driver detecting, downloading, and updating outdated drivers that need to be updated. It guarantees that you experience a charming and faultless system with greater performance. The database of this program obtains updates from almost all Original Equipment Manufacturers around the world at a rate of 24/7/365.

Features Of Driver Finder Software

Driver Finder is one of the few driver updater applications that provide a lot of characteristics as compared to similar apps. Here is a list of some of the features:

Accurate and Precise Scanning.

Driver Finder uses an accurate scanning procedure to detect the make and model of all the hardware attached to your computer. Once the detection of the hardware is completed then a search for the most compatible driver begins and finally installs it.

Large Database of Drivers.

When a device manufacturer launches a driver update on their website, the automated crawlers, and file analyzers are the first ones to update the Driver Finder database with the newest drivers. This procedure does not take a break and works 24/7/365 around the world. Driver Finder claims to receive the updated drivers within 24 hours of their release.

Supports External and Unplugged Devices.

Driver Finder is one of the few driver updaters that support internal and external devices alike and updates drivers for them.

Driver Backup & Restore.

Driver Finder takes a backup of all the drivers before making any changes. It also provides a facility to restore the older version of the driver if required.


Premium Customer Service. The response time for any query sent to the Driver Finder support team is 24 hours.

Specifications Of Driver Finder Program

Compatible Platform Windows 7, 8 & 10
Free Disk Space 8 MB
Memory 256 MB RAM
Processor 300 MHz Pentium
Internet Connection Yes
VGA Resolution 800 x 600
Country Of Origin United States of America

Pricing Details Of Driver Finder

Image: Driver Finder

The cost of this remarkable application is $ 29.95 for one year’s subscription on 1 PC. However, you can also choose from the premium version that would set you back by $ 39.90 for a two years subscription on 3 PCs. The lifetime license is available for $199.97.

This software also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and premium web-based support that resolves any query within 24 hours.

web-based support
Image Credit: Driver Finder

Driver Finder: Pros And Cons


  • Easy To Use and Intuitive Interface
  • 24/7/365 driver updates
  • Premium Support with 24 hour response time
  • Takes a backup of your drivers
  • Offers Tutorials


  • Installation can be tedious while doing the first time.
  • No Auto-Scheduler
  • No Trial Version

Avast Driver Updater

Avast Driver Updater

The Avast Driver Updater is an amazing application that can automatically update your drivers with a few mouse clicks. It is developed by Avast which is a very popular name in the field of PC solutions especially Antivirus. The application is easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface. Here are some of its features:

Less Freezing and Crashing

The Avast Driver Updater resolves all PC crashes and freezing issues caused by old and non-compatible drivers.

Fix errors

If you are facing errors with your printer and Wi-Fi network, then updating drivers will promptly fix these errors in a short while.

Simple-to-use with user-friendly Interface

Avast Driver Updater is a convenient and fast app to use and requires no instructions to function. It can be used by novices to update drivers within a few clicks.

Sharper graphics

This software can help update your graphic drivers to get excellent effects in games, VR Apps, Streaming Media, and editing as well as boost the performance of your system.

Support Number

Most software developers offer support via email or by raising queries through a web portal. The Avast Driver Updater offers a support number for its customers: 888-745-3255

Specifications Of Avast Driver Updater

Compatible Platform Windows 7, 8 & 10
Free Disk Space 400 MB
Memory 256 MB RAM
Processor Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or higher
Internet Connection Yes
VGA Resolution 1024 x 768
Country Of Origin United States of America

Pricing Details Of Avast Driver Updater

Pricing Details
Image: Avast Driver Updater

The cost amounts to $ 39.99 for one year’s subscription on 1 PC. It also offers a trial version so that you can try it before buying.

Avast Driver Updater: Pros And Cons

It is time to find out what are the benefits and limitations of using this application


  • Easy To Use and Intuitive Interface
  • Trial Version
  • Premium Support Phone Number
  • Tutorials and video guides available


  • Does not have an Auto-Scheduler
  • Does not have a backup feature

The Final Verdict

One of the most difficult tasks is to compare three different applications of the same category. However in this case, without a driver update scheduler and a software updater, Driver Finder and Avast Driver Updater did not have a chance. Hence the winner in all aspects is Smart Driver Care.

For any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. We would love to get back to you with a solution. We regularly post tips and tricks, along with answers to common issues related to technology.

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