Nomophobia: An Insight To Smartphone Addiction

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No wonder people have disconnected from reality in major ways. Even more so, they forgot that the ‘Smart’ in smartphones, isn’t just a namesake. And in their vanity they’re now enslaved in a prison of their own device, quite literally!

A recent study shows that not only the millennials, but adults and children too are prisoners to these smart devices. But how far do you think this addiction would really go? Let’s take a look.

Nomophobia insight To Smartphone

Well, this is how nomophobia affects us. But worry not you can overcome this addiction with the help of Social Fever – an app designed to limit your phone usage. Using this app you can set a limit for your screen time, keep track of the time you spend with your phone then with the real-world.

Moreover, you can set alarms to spend disturbance-free quality time with family, friends, connect with hobbies, and do a lot more. This app will also warn you about over usage of screen. This means, if tend to look at the screen for long or listen to music for a longer duration it will alert you. This will help be mindful of your actions. So, what are you waiting for? Get this amazing app today and save yourself from turning into a nomophobic.

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