Top 8 Must Have Cool Gadgets For Dog Owners

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

– Kinky Friedman

For many, pets are almost like their own child while for others they are the best companions they can have in life. Either way, all canine owners know that keeping a pet dog healthy and happy is no easy task. There is a lot of items and rules that needs to be followed. In this blog, we shall see some cool gadgets for dog owners that can help in achieving the same.

1. FitBark


There are a plethora of health trackers for humans so that they can monitor their health and take adequate actions if something sounds fishy. But the case of animals is very different! And thus, FitBark has been designed! It is an activity tracker for your pet dog and the activities can be monitored via a smartphone easily thus making it one of the best dog gadgets in the market.

2. Petcube


Do you travel frequently and are constantly worried about your pet? Well, then you must get this one as it will help you keep an eye on your pet while you are away and at times talk to them as well! Additionally, it has a laser beam as well with which you can play with your pet even being far away from them!

3. Hyper Pet

GoDogGo Fetch Machine

In case your pet loves to play fetch game but you get bored easily, then opt for this one as it will make your pet play continuously and you can rest aside! But this may be a little unsafe isn’t it? But this gadget has a full-fledged sensor system which identifies that your pet is near and thus doesn’t throw ball. It saves your pet from getting hurt and is unlimited source of its fun!

4. DrinkWell Pet Fountain

DrinkWell Pet Fountain

Animals get thirsty too and when they do they search for a source of freshwater. You can use a pet fountain which is especially designed for your pet, so that they can drink water without splashing it outside. Its large reservoir can store a lot of water and requires less refiling. It sure is the best and cool gadget for dogs.

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5. AquaPaw


If you have a loving relationship with your pet, then you might know that bonding experience is heightened during bath time! We’d recommend that you use this amazing thing next time. It is a wearable sprayer and scrubber that you can use to bathe your pet. All you have to do is attach this amazing thing to the shower head and the rest will be sorted.

6. iFetch


Next on our list of the best gadgets for dog owners is iFetch. This device makes exercise a fun activity for you and your pet. With it, the pet chases the tennis balls without having you worried about any type of choking hazards.

7. Sony Action Cam

Sony Action Cam

See the world through your dog’s perspective. Simply mount this light weight camera securely around your pet’s body and set him free. A different and fun activity which can be shared with friends, especially at parties and events. Our pets react to the love and affection that they receive, and this is the perfect way to capture that love.

8. Pintofeed


Yet another app that will help people take care of their pet and feed them when they are on move. This app helps in feeding your cute puppy and is controlled by a smartphone. It dispenses food for your cute little pet and can create a schedule for your pet so that they never go hungry!

There you have it folks! A list of the cool gadgets for dog owners that are available in the market. They are sure to help you in increasing the bond between you and your pet.

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