iOS Shortcuts You Should Know About

iOS is a wonderful operating system used on iPhones, and iPads. If you own any of those devices, it must to know all the workaround to operate it easily while saving your most of the time.

Therefore, using tricks to get your work done should be a daily routine. However, these tricks are not always in our mind and unfortunately not at the time, when we truly need them. So, we have put together a cheat sheet which help you familiarize with all the tricks keyboard and touch based for your iPad and iPhone.

Note: It is not necessary to have an iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard to use keyboard shortcuts on iOS. You can use keyboard shortcuts on iPad and iPhone provided you have Bluetooth Keyboard connected with them.

Keyboard & iOS Shortcuts

You will be surprised to know that keyboard shortcuts used on Mac could work on iPhone and iPad too. However, you are looking for keyboard shortcuts for third party apps then you need to check their manuals. All you need a iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

If you’re using an iPad and wireless Apple keyboard or iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard, then it will work.

Note: if you are using Bluetooth keyboard which is otherwise fit for Windows, can be used. You need be habitual of differences such as wherein you find CMD on Apple keyboard, its CTRL on Windows keyboard. Similarly, ALT instead of Option.

You can also get shortcuts on iPad Pro by pressing and holding down the CMD key and you could see all shortcuts available for an app. You can get shortcuts for Home screen, Safari or some third-party apps as well.

Keyboard Shortcuts for iOS

Keyboard Shortcuts Interpretation
Global iOS Shortcuts  
Alt + Tab Toggle between apps via App Switcher
Cmd + Space Used For Search
Cmd + H Home Screen
Cmd (Hold) Shows lists of shortcuts(iPad and iPad Pro)


Text Shortcuts  
CMD + C Copy
CMD + X Cut
CMD + V Paste
CMD + Shift + Z Redo
CMD + Z Undo
CMD + A Select All
Option + Shift + Right/Left Select Next/Previous word
Shift + Right/Left Select with Cursor
Option + Right/Left Move cursor to next/previous word


General Shortcuts  
CMD +N To create new reminder, contact
CMD + I Display Info
CMD + F Search in specific app
CMD + B/U/I To highlight in bold/Underline/Italics


Safari Shortcuts  
Cmd + T Open new window/tab
Cmd + Shift + \ Display tab Outline
Cmd + W Close down present tab
Cmd + Shift + T Reopen formerly closed tab
Cmd + R Refresh current window/tab
Cmd + L Open location/search bar
Ctrl + Tab Next tab
Cmd + F Find on current page
Cmd + ] Forward
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previously opened tab
Cmd + Shift + D Add a page to your Reading List
Cmd + [ Backward
Cmd + Shift + L Display sidebar


Mail Shortcuts  
Cmd + N Compose new message
Cmd + R Send a reply
Backspace Delete a message
Ctrl + Cmd + A Archive a message
Cmd + Shift + F Forward message
Cmd + Shift + R Reply to all recipients
Cmd + Shift + J Mark as junk
Cmd + Shift + U Mark as unread/read
Cmd + Shift + L Flag a message
Option + Cmd + F Search your mailbox
Cmd + Shift + N Get a new mail
Cmd + L Filter mail


Calendar Shortcuts  
Cmd + N Create a new event
Cmd + T Show present day events
Cmd + Right/Left Go to next/previous year, month, day, week
Tab Go to next event
Cmd + R Refresh
Shift + Tab Go to previous event
Cmd + 1/2/3/4 Go to year/month/week/day view
Cmd + F Search events


Notes Shortcuts  
Cmd + N New note
Cmd + Enter Finish editing
Cmd + F Find in specific note
Enter Edit a note
Option + Cmd + F Search list of notes
Cmd + ] Indent text right
Cmd + Shift T/B/H/L To format Title/Body/Heading/Checklist
Cmd + [ Indent text left
Option + Cmd + T Create a new table
Cmd + B/U/I To highlight in Bold/Underline/Italics


News Shortcuts  
Cmd + F Search
Tab Jump to Next story
Cmd + Up Toggle to top of page
Cmd + R Refresh News
Cmd + 1/2/3/4/5 For You/Spotlight/Following/Search/Saved tabs

Touch Based iOS Shortcuts

Typing Shortcuts  
Double-tap on Space bar Insert space along with period
Double-tap Shift button Activates Caps lock
Tap & Hold a key Use alternate characters or symbols
Tap & hold language key or emoji Get To keyboard settings, languages and orientation.
3D Touch “Send” button Get To “Send with effect” menu (only on iMessage)
3D Touch and scroll keyboard Move cursor with precision


Navigation Shortcuts  
Tap status/time bar Scroll to the top of a list or a page quickly
3D Touch and swipe from left Get To App Switcher
Swipe upwards bottom of screen (except iPhone X) Open Control Center
Swipe downwards from top of screen Access present day screen/Notification Center


Home Screen Shortcuts  
Swipe in downwards direction on home screen Search iPhone
3D Touch app Takes you to app function or shares App Store link
Swipe in right hand side on home screen Access present day screen and widgets
Tap & hold app Move to new location or delete app
3D Touch folder Rename folder


Browsing Shortcuts  
3D Touch on link or image Open link or image to preview
Tap & hold Refresh Get quick access to Request Desktop Site option
Tap & hold link or image Get to context menu
Tap & hold Bookmarks button Add a thing to Bookmarks or Reading List
Tap & hold Tabs button Get To Tab’s context menu to open or close tabs
Tap & hold Reader Mode button Activate Automatic Reader View for certain websites


iPad Shortcuts  
Four-finger swipe left/right Switch apps left/right
Pull keyboard aside to left & right Access split keyboard mode
Four-finger swipe up Get To app switcher
Five-finger pinch Get To Home screen


iPhone X Shortcuts  
Swipe up from lower end of the screen Go to Home screen
Pull down from top-left corner of screen Get To Present day /Notification Center
Pull down from top-right corner of screen Get To Control Center
Swipe up from lower end of the screen and flick right Get To App Switcher

So, these are these shortcuts and tricks to use iPad and iPhone to optimum level. Once you have memorized these shortcuts, you can be more productive and can use your device with more speed. Try it on! In case you have any doubts or want to say anything, mention in the comments below.

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