How to Setup Amazon Echo at Home With all WiFi Enabled Devices

Getting a new Amazon Echo brings a lot of joy to us and everybody in the family gets excited to configure their smartphones to it. For a few of us, it is simple and easy to configure however this article is for those who get a hard time configuring their devices.

Get every WiFi-enabled device controlled with your voice with the smart home setup. Here we have listed a few of the tips and tricks for Amazon Echo configuration so that your Amazon Echo connect works flawless with the best smart home setup.

Amazon Echo connect is setup with seven built-in microphones to take commands wherever you are at your home and keep all your smart home devices in your control.

Steps To Setup Amazon Echo

There are a few steps to perform the Amazon Echo configuration.

Step 1. Download Alexa App – You need to download and install Alexa App to continue with the Amazon Echo setup or Amazon Echo Dot. You can download it from App Store or Google Play Store on smartphones or tablets with Android 5.1 or higher, iOS 11.0 or higher, or Fire 5.3.3 or higher. You can also login to the Amazon Alexa website and continue with the setup by selecting your device from the list.


Step 2. Connect the Amazon Echo – Once the Amazon App is downloaded on your smartphone, the next step is to connect the power adapter to the Amazon Echo device. Wait for the blue ring to appear on the device that indicates that the Amazon Echo is powered up.

“Please Note: Amazon Echo doesn’t require any batteries to stay powered ON.”


Amazon Echo setup


Step 3. Connect Amazon Echo to WiFi – the next step is to connect the Amazon Echo to the WiFi at your place. Though Amazon Alexa will guide you through the steps, you just need to open Amazon App on your smartphone and search for your WiFi connection and establish the connection. It will prompt you to save the WiFi password to allow smart home setup and enable it to connect to other smart home devices.

“Please Note: If you are connecting to a public network, don’t save the password.”


change wake word on Alexa App


Step 4. Talk to Alexa – Now is the time for the Amazon Echo configuration to personalize it with your voice. Alexa wakes up by listening to its name. Just say ‘Alexa’ and it will start talking to you. If you have someone at your home with the same name, you can simply ask “Alexa, just change the wake word to …..” You can also set it up on the Amazon Alexa setup page on the app. Just open up the App and go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Change the wake word’.


Amazon Echo configuration


“Please Note: Say “Hello Alexa” and if it responds, it’s confirmed that it is configured.”

You can check out more options under ‘Skills’ and ‘Things to Try’ tabs to explore various capabilities of Amazon Alexa. You can give more abilities to Amazon Alexa under the ‘Skills’ tab.

Amazon Echo can make a to-do list, tell you the traffic conditions, figure out the weather, call your contacts, send text messages to anyone in your contact list, stream music, or connect to other smart home devices. A smart home setup is required to connect other WiFi-enabled devices.

How to Configure Smart Home Setup

You can configure Smart Home Setup to connect to smart home devices at home like Smart TV, Speakers, Laptop or other devices.

Open the Amazon Alexa menu and go to the ‘Smart Home’ tab. Alexa will look for other WiFi-enabled devices around it and show you the list of available devices to pair them. You can also click on ‘Add Device’ if Amazon Alexa is not able to find your devices. Select the category or the manufacturer if it is listed there. Here you can also group your added devices and use them at once. Tap on continue and tap on ‘Enable’ to start communicating with the device.

Amazon Alexa Settings

You may need to use the smart home app to allow Alexa to access your device or link Amazon Alexa to the user account associated with the smart-home device. You may close it and then tap on discover devices and tap Done once it is connected.

You can get the best ever music experience by establishing Amazon Alexa configuration with Bluetooth speakers. Unfortunately, it can connect only one Bluetooth speaker at a time.

You can also connect to Bluetooth lights, Security System, Smart Lock, Amazon Echo Show, Smart Thermostat, Video Doorbell with Security Camera, Smart CCTV Cameras and other Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled devices.

Problem Connecting Devices?

If you think you are following proper steps for Amazon Echo configuration but you are facing challenges in establishing the connection, You may want to try these steps to fix connectivity issues.

  • Restart your router & modem
  • Restart the Alexa-enabled devices
  • Reset Alexa-enabled devices to factory settings
  • Ensure your device is away from Microwave or Speakers
  • Get Amazon Alexa closer to your WiFi router
  • Update Router or Modem’s firmware
  • Forget device and connect back
  • Enter correct WiFi password

If nothing works, you may want to contact the manufacturer or your ISP.

Summing Up

Now as you know how to complete the Amazon Echo configuration and successfully perform smart home setup, we are sure that you would be able to setup your Amazon Alexa to connect with multiple WiFi-enabled devices. We have also included basic troubleshooting tips that you may perform if you face any challenges while setting up your Amazone Echo or connecting to other smart home devices.

If you like this article, like and share it with your friends or someone who is using Amazon Alexa. Do write back in the comments section below for any suggestions or queries if you want us to include more information revolving around Amazon Echo.

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