How to Send and Receive Encrypted Emails Using ProtonMail

Encryption of information has become a necessity nowadays. With increased occurrence of hacking and data theft, an end to end encryption is necessary. The instances have become frequent where sent emails are tampered and read by unauthorized people. If you intend to write confidential mail which can only be read by specified recipient, you must consider encrypting it.

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Email encryption is far simpler than data encryption. To encrypt an email, you’re supposed to download and install different tools. These tools are designed for specific browsers. Encrypting an email would require you to get a privacy guard, to create public/private key and to sign those keys.

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To ignore the hassle, you can switch to ‘ProtonMail’ that sends and receives encrypted emails. These emails are stored in ProtonMail’s server and can’t be deciphered even by ‘ProtonMail’. You can send and receive emails to different domains like Gmail, Yahoo etc. If the messages are exchanged between ProtonMail accounts, they will be encrypted automatically. Using OpenPGP encryption, it lets others send you encrypted emails too without using ProtonMail. ProtonMail also offers a complete anonymity as it doesn’t ask for any personal information while signing up.

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How to create a free ProtonMail account!

  1. Go to ProtonMail sign up page (Free).
  2. Choose a username that will be your email id.

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  1. Frame a strong password. Be informed that losing your password would result in barring your access to your emails.
  2. Put in a ‘Recovery Email’ if you wish to.
  3. Click on ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ button.

How to make an email encrypted?

To make an email encrypted, you need to apply the encryption at the time of drafting.

  1. Click on COMPOSE.

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  1. Select the ‘ENCRYPTION’ or ‘Lock’ button at the bottom of the composer.
  2. Put the password to decrypt the message and confirm the same.
  3. Place a word or sentence as a hint for the password. This hint will be shown on the screen of the recipient.

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  1. Click on ‘SET’.
  2. Once done with the email content, click on ‘SEND’.
  3. An encrypted email will have been sent. This email will be decrypted by the password set by you.

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Once you’ve sent the email to a non-ProtonMail account, it’s time for recipient to open the email. As it’s not an ordinary email, recipient will not be able to see the message content. Instead, he’ll be asked to click on ‘VIEW SECURED MESSAGE’. By clicking on the button, he’ll be redirected to ProtonMail server where the message decrypting password is required to be submitted. Once done, the recipient would be able to view and reply to the message. You can download the ProtonMail app for Android and iOS.

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            Taking everything into concern, it can be recited that ProtonMail is a glimpse of future emails. Presently, data protection has become a hot potato and requires more attention. Everyone takes his/her privacy seriously and encryption satisfies such needs. Email encryption allows users to share confidential and personal data over internet. It makes the technology reliable and robust.


  • comment_avtar
    Harold Stevenson
    I need help, I have just opened a protonmail account and can send emails to non protonmail contacts but when I send an email from my non protonmail account I don’t receive it in my protonmail account. If I send an encrypted mail to myself in my non protonmail account and then reply to it, I receive it. What am I doing wrong?

    4 years ago

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