How To Screen Record On iPhone XR

Screen recording on iPhone XR is easier than you think. Here’s how to screen record on iPhone XR

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Want to show off your tech skills to your non-tech savvy friend? Or maybe you want to record your favorite PUBG game. You can do all this on your cool iPhone XR using the in-built Screen Recorder feature.

Every iPhone has an in-built screen recording application but only a few know about it. Due to which third party screen recording apps are used which is not the wisest thing to do.

Therefore, we have listed the steps to use a screen recording application on your iPhone XR. To use it you don’t need to make any changes, as it is made by the company itself. Moreover, you won’t face any compatibility issues. All you need is to make sure you have enabled it. In addition to this to learn how to check battery percentage on iPhone XR read here.

Screen recording is simple, and it helps record video calls with your loved ones.

How Screen Record on iPhone XR

Screen Recording iPhone XR

Recording screen on iPhone XR is easy. All you need is to follow the steps and make settings available in Control Center.

Follow these steps to screen record on iPhone XR:

1. Head to Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls, tap + next to Screen Recording.

2. Next, swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen to see the Screen Record icon.

3. Tap   > Microphone to start recording. You’ll need to wait for the three-second countdown before screen recording starts on iPhone XR.

4. Now, open the application, game or video you wish to record using the iPhone XR Screen Recording option.

5. To stop screen recording on the iPhone XR tap Screen Recording icon.

6. The recorded screen can be found under a local photo album.

Using the above-mentioned method, you can swiftly record any activity on your iPhone XR. Starting from recording your favorite games to doing an App review you can record anything. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t seem easy at first. As you will use it you will get used to it. However, if the above free iPhone XR free screen recording is not what you are looking for, try TechSmith Capture.

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How To Screen Record On iPhone XR Using Third-Party App

TechSmith Capture is a trusted tool as it is offered by well- known makers of desktop screen records. This application can be used for both screen recording and editing capabilities. To use this program no need to alter system settings. Once the screen is recorded use share function to share the recording directly with Snagit or Camtasia for further editing.

How To Record iPhone XR Screen Using TechSmith Capture App?

  1. Download and install TechSmith from App Store.
  2. Open Capture and Sign in using TechSmith account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create it.
  3. The first time you run this application you will have to accept the notification. This is done to receive notifications when screen recording is complete.
  4. Next, ensure the screen recording function is enabled on the Control Center.
  5. Now, launch the app and tap the Record button. To record voice, tap the Microphone icon.TechSmith App to Screen Record on iPhone XR
  6. When done, tap the red button at top of the screen.
  7. Tap Stop to Save the recording.
  8. You can find this recording under the phone’s gallery.

Besides, the in-built screen recording method in iPhone XR TechSmith Screen Capture is also effective. Moreover, it allows you to preview recording, discard it. These methods will surely help record special moments, game wins. Both are very effective methods which one you chose will depend on the requirement.

iPhone XR Screen Recording Tips

Some additional and helpful tips for iPhone XR screen recording.

  1. While in Control Center by long-pressing Screen Record button you can disable or enable Screen Recording or Microphone recording.
  2. To stop the screen recording tap the red button.
  3. For clutter-free screen recording put your iPhone XR into Do Not Disturb Mode.
  4. To capture iPhone XR screen recording you can always use regular video editor.
  5. Screen recording is done, on iPhone XR and other iPhones can be uploaded as screencasts to a cloud server or any social sharing site.

Do let us know which method you used to screen record on iPhone XR and why by leaving us a comment.

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