How To Install and Use Microsoft Edge on Android

While users are extensively getting inclined towards Chrome browser, Microsoft is trying to get them back to where we as kids learned web browsing. Microsoft Edge, after going through some revamping on the computer version is also available on Android. Since Android devices come with pre-installed Google applications with Chrome as a default browser, Android users have a habit of using Chrome without thinking about switching to some other browser application.

But with a new logo, a fresh interface, and an impressive work on browsing speed, Microsoft Edge is no longer the old-fashioned browser. It’s true Chrome’s major user base sticks with it because of regular changes in the interface and convenience of extensions, cookies, and saved searches. But, trying Edge is the least we users can do to acknowledge it and the fact that web browsing was nothing without Microsoft that brought us Internet Explorer. And maybe, you may wish to permanently switch to it once you have given it a try.

Here’s how you can install Microsoft Edge on Android devices and how to use it at its best:

How to Install Microsoft edge on an Android Device?

Step 1: Start with opening the Google Play Store and install Microsoft Edge on your Android device.

Step 2: Once installed, launch the application, which will open a sign-in window with three options

Step 3: If the device is synced with a Microsoft account tap on, Sign-in to continue with the process. Else, tap on Sign-in with another account to log in using a different account or a new account.

microsoft edge


If the device is not Signed- in with a Microsoft account, you’ll see two options – Sign-in with a Microsoft account or Sign-in with a work or school account.

In case, you wish to skip the procedure, just tap on Skip.

skip sign in

Step 4: Here, you’ll be asked to enter your Microsoft account credentials. You can again choose to create a new account by tapping on Create One if you do not have a Microsoft account.

outlook signin

Step 5: In case, you are signing in with the synced Microsoft account on your device, you can sync your passwords across devices by tapping on Verify; otherwise tap Not Now to avoid the process.

key password safer

Step 6: Thereafter, the app seeks authorization to share your search data for developing a personalized surfing experience and generating insights associated with feed and advertisements for users. Tap OK if you agree, otherwise tap Not Now.

share your info

Step 7: Then, Microsoft Edge seeks another permission to track your data usage on the app for a tailored experience across promotional services. Again tap OK if you agree, otherwise tap Not Now.

personalisation data

Step 8: You can now set Edge as your default browser by tapping Always.

Take Note. The following steps are to be followed in case you are also signed in to a Microsoft Account on a different device. These steps will help you sync your data across devices. If that’s not the case, you’ll be able to directly use Edge on Android, steps of which are mentioned under the next heading.

Step 9: Thereon, a few more syncing permissions are asked if you are already using a Microsoft account on another device, such as your PC.

Tap on Sync now to sync all the data, passwords, and favorites across all the active devices, otherwise tap No, thanks.

sunc setting

If you wish to modify the information to be synced, tap on sync settings, which opens a new screen where all the sync details are mentioned; you can uncheck the boxes you do not wish to sync and finally tap on Confirm.

Step 9: Edge asks you if you want to merge the data from all the active devices, then check Yes, merge data; otherwise check No, keep data separate and tap Confirm.

microsoft edge data

Step 10: If you have not signed in on any other devices, you are directly asked to set Edge as your default browser on the Android device. If you agree, then tap Yes; otherwise tap No, thanks.

How to Use Microsoft Edge on an Android Phone?

Step 1: Tap on Search or enter the web address bar to type in a URL or any word that you want to search

You can also search for an image or audio by granting access permissions to Edge.

Step 2: Tap Tab icon from the bottom menu to switch to other pages or open a new webpage.

Step 3: Tap the “+” sign to open a new page.

In case you want to do private browsing, then tap InPrivate and tap the “+” sign.

Step 4: If you wish to access search history, favorites, and change the settings then tap “. . . ” besides the Tab icon from the bottom menu.

Changes in the menu and related actions can be performed using several available options.

With Microsoft Edge on Android, there are fair chances of it getting back in the game. Google is pretty invasive when it comes to users’ internet activities. But Google is the only one who has offered greater convenience in terms of personalized searches and internet surfing. Go through Microsoft Edge on Android and give yourself a few days to get accommodated to the browser. You’re going to consider switching to it permanently.

Do You Think Edge can takeover Chrome:

Hit the comments and send us your views on using Edge on Android. Do you think Edge can be a better choice than Chrome or any other browser on Android devices?

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  • comment_avtar
    Mridula Nimawat
    Will it work with Android version 9?

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Abhishek Sharma
      Yes. Microsoft Edge can be installed on every Android device that is powered by Android KitKat Version 4.4 and above.

      4 years ago

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