How To Find Facebook Page and Profile ID?

While creating social plugins, WordPress plugins and chat widgets for Messenger platform, Facebook page and profile ID is mandatory, finding them isn’t easy. Most plugins are hidden even when custom URLs are used.

Therefore, we bring for you a small guide that will help you find Facebook profile, page ID and Facebook photo numeric ID.

How to locate Facebook Page ID?

To locate Facebook Page ID third party websites can be used, but it is tricky and time consuming. Therefore, here we enlist simple way to locate Facebook Page ID, Profile ID and Photo ID.

Steps to find Facebook Page ID

Step 1: Open Facebook Page of the person or company whose ID you would like to locate in your browser.

To explain things, we are using Facebook page of our company.

Step 2: Next, right-click on the profile image and select Copy link address option from the context menu.

Step 3: Paste this link into a notepad or any word file, it would look like this:


The digits in bold is numeric ID of the Facebook page that you can use in chat widgets or to locate Facebook page. To test type – you will be redirected to the Facebook page of the person/ company to whom it belongs.

Wasn’t it simple? But if person’s profile pic is guarded, you will not be able to right click it.

Therefore, below we explain alternate ways to locate page ID from a locked profile image.

How to find Facebook Page ID if profile pic is guarded?

If profile pic guard is enabled follow alternate steps below to find page ID:

1. In your browser open Facebook page for which you are looking for the Page Id.

2. Now that you are on the home page, right click on the empty space and form the context menu select “View Page Source.”

3. Now look for entity_id for this press ctrl+f (on windows) or command + f (on mac) and here enter entity_id in the search window.

Entity_id is profile ID, here it is: 221310147884143.

Using these steps, you can easily find anyone’s Facebook Page ID with or without picture guard enabled.

How to get Facebook Photo ID?

Now, that we know how to get profile ID, let’s learn how to get photo ID for any Facebook photo.

For this open the image and copy its link that appears in the address bar.


The digits in bold are specific photo ID of the image. To check and see what photo it points to simply enter:

These simple steps will help you find Facebook photo ID and profile ID. Now let’s move further and know how Facebook numeric ID is helpful.

Usage of Facebook Numeric ID

Once you have the numeric profile and photo id of any Facebook profile you can visit users page directly. Also, can see individuals hidden photo if there is no security guard added, they are public, and the person is tagged in them.

For this use the numeric Facebook ID we got using the previous steps.

1. Now copy paste the link, to look for public and tagged photos of the target.

Note: Replace facebook_id with the numeric digits of profile id.

2. Using numeric ID you can find a person profile even if “Not to show in search result” is set.


As replace numeric id with digits.

These steps will help you find targets public, tagged photos and search the profile even when set to now show in search results.

Hope you like the article, if you have any suggestions please let us know. Your comments and feedback are valuable to us as they help us improve and write what our users expect from us.

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