How Android P Ensures to Boost Battery Life of Our Devices

Android is the most commonly used platform and over time Google has put significant efforts to improve our experience with each new update. When Android Oreo rolled out last year it brought some of the best improvements to enhance our experience.

But with Android P it just got better and better! As you’re all aware Android P is the latest version of Android was rolled out a few months ago. Android P offers an enhanced messaging experience, smarter display, Smart notification replies, better UI and many more awesome features that make our Smartphone even “Smarter”.

android p for battery

How Good Were Previous Android Versions in Terms of Battery Life?

Battery issue has always been a topic of debate when it comes to Android devices (umm, apart from overheating). Earlier, around 2005 when Android Marshmallow was released a lot of issues were being faced by users and it just offered a max of 3 hour battery life! Google also introduced a “Doze Mode” which drastically improved the battery life of Android devices. Doze mode basically forced your device to “Sleep Mode” during the times it was not being used. This was a major turning point for Google and a great effort to enhance battery life on Android devices.

But since, Android Oreo rolled out last year, battery complaints have almost gone scarce. But as Google keeps making our lives better with each passing day, Android P promises to kick notch all sorts or battery troubles and keeps them at bay.

How Android P Plans on Improving Battery Life of Our Devices?

If you’re wondering how to boost battery life on Android P devices you’ve landed at the right place. Android P offers a few ways which can improve the battery life of our devices. Let’s discuss about them in detail.

1. Adaptive Battery

Adaptive battery is a smart feature introduced in Android P which analyzes apps and prioritizes battery consumption based on that. Suppose you use a certain app in the morning, say Facebook, so Adaptive Battery will keep this app in sleep mode for the rest of the day by learning the behavior of when you use the app. So, adaptive battery option pretty much turns off the apps which you’re not currently using, ensuring a longer lasting battery hours on your device.

2. Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Brightness in android p

Just like Adaptive Battery, Android P has also introduced a new Adaptive Battery feature. Adaptive brightness feature on Android P uses the light sensor on your device and automatically adjusts the display brightness according to surroundings. This can drastically improve the battery life as in most cases display eats up a huge battery percentage of our Android device. Adaptive brightness will help your devices to last for longer hours with dimmer display.

android p Adaptive Brightness

The Android P OS keeps learning about new things about how you use your device, during which hours of the day, in what brightness range etc. to have a precise idea in automatically adjusting display brightness.

3. Battery Saver

Battery Saver feature was previously available on older versions of Android but with Android P it just got better. Earlier, battery saver used to automatically enable as soon as the battery percentage level hit down to 5-15%. But now with Android P you can manually enable it at any point of time. Yes, you heard that right! Now even if the current battery status of your device is 80%, you can still use the battery saver option to make your device last for longer hours.

So folks, here were a few ways how we can boost battery life on Android P devices and keep our Smartphones running for longer duration!

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