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This might feel like a shocker of an opening for some, but the latest analysis depicts that around 610,000 people in the U.S.A. die of heart disease every year. This news alone might increase your blood pressure, especially if your lifestyle isn’t that active or you indulge in smoking or drinking. Hence the situation is quite an alarming one.

Even if you are healthy, fit and fine, it is always handy to have a heart rate monitoring apps on your Android or iPhone. Why? If you think what an app can do in keeping your heart healthy then think again! From small details like blood pressure, weight, BMI to denoting the advice about heart attack diseases, you can find it all. Scroll through to learn special features of each and do not forget to keep the best-suited heart monitor app on your phone today.

1. Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor and Pulse Checker

Boasting itself as one of the top heart apps around the globe, Instant heart rate is famous for its accuracy. Interestingly, when you keep your finger on the phone’s camera lens, your pulse will be displayed. It also monitors your cardio workout while observing the readings pre and post workout.

Note that normal heartbeat ranges between 60-100 BPM and fluctuates due to factors like stress, anxiety, depression, emotion, etc. You shall keep an account of it and see the doctor if in case it crosses or lowers the limit.

Instant Heart Rate HR Monitor and Pulse Checker

Special Features:

  • This heart app forms a pulse waveform graph and offers a StandUP test to measure body fatigue.
  • Keeps a separate log of heart rate during workout or rest.

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2. Pulse Point Respond

In case of any cardiac emergency, this heart app will connect you with CPR-trained community members for quick support. Moreover, it also notifies any help nearby your location by tracking GPS location. It will also make you aware if anyone around you requires any urgent help.

Pulse Point Respond

Special Features:

  • Local threats in the locality like fire, flood are also notified through it.
  • “CPR Needed” notification to activate all the nearby help available.

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3. iCardio Workout Tracker

It is obviously known that exercising daily is actually very helpful to stay fit and keep your heart healthy. This is where iCardio comes in the picture which pushes you to take outdoor activities. Along with that, it notices a GPS tracker to your outdoor activity, check if your weight or resting pulse is rising up, and notifies if the overall health graph is not right. Plus, you can sync your data with Google Fit, Fitbit, MisFit, etc. Yeah!

iCardio Workout Tracker

Special Features:

  • Email your workout results to friends or family doctor to get it analyzed.
  • Calorie tracking feature based on heart intensity as well as other factors like height, weight, etc.

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4. Cardio Visual

Rated as one of the most amazing apps for monitoring heart rate, Cardio Visual has a comprehensive library of curated videos and graphics that explains about heart health, risk factors along with its prevention and treatments. The app has 2 interfaces: one for clinicians as an educational resource and second for the heart patients at home.


Special Features:

  • Keeps in focus on specific conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, hole in heart, etc.
  • One stop solution for regularly updated news regarding heart diseases.

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5. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Based on age and training level, every person’s heartbeat remains different. And your heartbeat gets recorded by this heart rate monitor app when you place your finger on the camera lens. It will also note how your heart acts when you are under stress or taking some rest.

Note that in case the stress is due to an addiction to social media in your phone or your kids’ phone, download Social Fever and reconnect with the real world. Social Fever will track your social activities’ usage and remind you to stay happy by playing with the pet, cooking dishes or drinking a glass of water.

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor


Special Features:

  • Compare your results every day, week or month.
  • Proper graph illustration to explain the history and present.

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You Can’t Beat A Healthy Heart

Keeping in mind the latest health report and change in the lifestyle of an individual, it is best to mind the health of your heart. And fortunately, these heart apps help in managing it to an extent. It is also said that after the age of 40, you must keep an eye on your overall health very cautiously. Thanks to these apps once again to make your heart happy and alive! Stay cautious and stay healthy!

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