Google AutoDraw – All You Need To Know

Google recently launched AutoDraw, a part of Google’s AI Experiment series, which uses machine learning. Simply put, it turns your sketches into art.

AutoDraw is very simple to use. Just pick a color, start drawing anything on your screen and it will suggest clipart according to what you draw. These suggestions can be found on the top bar, you just need to select your desired drawing.

Google uses machine learning to predict what users are drawing and offer suggestions according to it.

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AutoDraw allows users to fill colors in their drawings, add shapes and text to their creations. After getting the desired result, you can share or save it.

For those who want to use this app to bring out their creative side, you can access it at AutoDraw on your browser and start working on it.

How does It Work?

When users draw something in AutoDraw, it provides suggestions according to the large database of drawings made by talented people.

It can guess hundreds of drawings right now and Google plans to add more suggestions in the future. AutoDraw tool uses the same technology as quickdraw to guess what you’re trying to draw.

google autodraw

Using AutoDraw

Creating a drawing in AutoDraw is very simple. You just have to open AutoDraw on your phone or computer.

After opening, you will be provided with a blank sheet. This sheet will be your canvas, on which you will create drawings.

AutoDraw has different functions:

  1. Select: To select objects made.
  2. AutoDraw: To draw with suggestions.
  3. Draw: To draw without suggestions.
  4. Type: To type text.
  5. Fill: Fill color into objects.
  6. Shape: To create predefined shapes (Currently only 3 shapes are available).
  7. Color: To change color.
  8. Zoom: To zoom the canvas.
  9. Undo: To go back to previous step.
  10. Delete: To delete any selected object
    Autodraw functions

AutoDraw also has many options, which are listed below:

  1. Start over: To restart from scratch.
  2. Download: To download your drawing.
  3. Share: To share your drawing.
  4. How-to: How to use guide on AutoDraw.
  5. Shortcut: To know keyboard shortcuts used in AutoDraw.
  6. Artists: to get to artists page.
  7. About: to get to Google experiments page.
    google autodraw about

To draw any object, you just scribble its rough design on canvas and Google will suggest different objects based on it.

Google reads the different strokes and search in its library to find similar match. Once it gets similar matches it will be provided to you on the top bar, you just need to select one which is relevant and it will be transferred to your canvas.

Google AutoDraw is still in its initial phase, which means sometimes it won’t understand what you are trying to draw. However, with time it will only get better. Till then enjoy creating drawings on it.

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