Rootkit: A Digital Assassin in Hiding

Trapped? Got your data compromised even after installing numerous antivirus and antimalware programs? Did they counter the intruder? What if your security software couldn’t even detect the culprit? Yes, it is possible because there are ot...


How to Share Live Location on Facebook Messenger

Most of us use Messenger to make plans for the weekend, some use to share pictures and videos. It has always been one full-featured utility for getting together with buddies. You’ll be glad to know that Facebook will now allow your friend...

Future Tech

Best Packaged Data Integration Tools

The last blog on Data Integration Tools listed Open Source Data Integration Tools. As I mentioned in the first blog on Data Integration, the tools are divided in 3 groups. This blog will give you the list of the tools in the third group. D...


15 Best Windows 10 Mobile Apps of 2023

Windows 10 is so far the best version of Windows. It has got it all, long-lasting batteries, faster processors and high-resolution displays. So, if you’re using a Windows phone, this post might really help you! As more and more in-dema...

Big Data

Best Open Source Data Integration Tools

In the previous blog, I listed out the Best Independent Data Integration Tools that help in integrating all the different tools across the Big Data Architecture in order to make the whole process of Big Data function smoothly. In this blog,...