Best Twitter Apps for Android

Smartphone users are predominantly the ones who use social media platforms the most. In that regard, Twitter is a go-to-choice as it allows one to express themselves with a minimum number of words. Of the many features that it has revamped in recent times, there still seems to be something missing. Giving the users the options of adding Gifs may appeal to some but all it adds is aesthetic beauty. Hence, we have compiled a list of the best Twitter apps for Android users that offer them much more features in comparison to Twitter itself.

Best Twitter Apps for Android

Mentioned below are some of the best Twitter apps for Android users.

1. Twitter


Well, the official Twitter app counts in at the top position on our list. This is because, all data mining allegations aside, it still manages to offer users the same functionality that they can find while browsing down the window through a desktop. It comes with several features including the Twitter footage, mute features, Twitter moments and many more. It is completely free and comes with synchronization settings. Overall, it is easy to use and has all the features that one would find while Tweeting through a desktop.




Plume is one of the first and also one of the best Twitter apps for Android users. It has over time seen some great updates which have resulted in improved performance over the years. It now comes with a UI that is based on Material design and has a great appearance. Some of the additional features of this app include customization options, integration with Facebook, multiple account support, and many more. The pro version of this app comes with the advertising feature but apart from that particular feature, it is completely similar to the free version. One can even add or delete columns according to one’s preference. However, as it does not support the YouTube API and hence, one won’t be able to watch videos on this app.


3. Twidere


Twidere is a lightweight, simple, and secure Twitter app which uses material design and comes with features such as tweet expansion, security procedures, open source set up etc. It also has many customizations options and configuration set up that helps one achieve exactly what they desire on such an app. There are a few differences between the free and the pro version of this application. Some of the additional features are that it is faster and with it, one can try out different tweet cards. Additionally, with Twider, one can try out the several customization tabs where one can use shortcuts, powerful filters, drafts, and much more. The user’s preference of the themes and expectations from the app are satisfied with all that they have to


4. TweetCaster

TweetCaster is one of the most popular Twitter apps available. It is also considered by many users to be the best alternative to the Twitter app For Android. One would find a lot of updates for this app and can manage several accounts and post them on to Facebook along with photo effects for the shared content. With this app, the user would also be able to check out Twitter stats along with themes and much more.


5. Fenix 2:

Fenix 2
This version of Fenix comes with some of the most refined features than the earlier one. Some of the best features of this app include multiple account support, supreme design, a mute system, and much more. One can also get several customization options with this app that work well. However, the app can only be availed with the paid version but it is not that expensive and quite pocket friendly.


6. Flamingo:

 FlamingoFlamingo has a design interface that comes with a wide variety of features such as multiple account support, customization, advanced muting features, and much more. One can also use it as a scheduler app where tweets can be preset. This is a unique feature about this app. The three most important parts of this app are its timeline, mentions, and messages, all of which serve a different purpose altogether. This app works similar to the Twitter app on Android, but it comes with its unique features which include saving tweets, posting gifs, adding location, or even taking a photo.  However, one does not get any free version of this app and will have to purchase it in order to try it out.


7. Hootsuite:


Hootsuite tracks down multiple social networking sites all at once making it the best scheduler app. With it, one can check out Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and several other accounts right away. Moreover, posting on these platforms all at the same time is also possible with this app. If one is looking for business entities through this platform then a subscription is a must in order to access these high-end features. This app is great for businesses that want to update their social media platforms as it helps in tracking down the social media streams which would help in putting down the relevant content for the online campaigns. One of the best features of this app is that it provides an insight into the analytics of how one’s content is performing and thus one can schedule the changes in the content accordingly.


8. TwitPane:


This app offers a lightweight and customizable Twitter app and only shows the tabs that the user wants to see on the home screen. With this, one has the freedom to select the stuff that matters and remove the rest of the items. The free version of this app supports advertisements and one can access three accounts at the same time while with the paid version provides a user with access to five accounts. The UI of this app is simple and easily to operate.


9. Ubersocial:


Ubersocial is another app from the developers of Plume but with different features. It helps in integrating other social media platforms as well as easily posting things on it. In addition to that, it comes with multiple account support, post muting, conversation views, and much more that make it highly functional. One can also customize the features of this app just the way they prefer.


10. Talon:


Last but not the least, Talon was amongst the first Twitter apps on Android that brought about excellent material design. It comes with an excellent user interface and can support up to two accounts, along with a Native YouTube player which means that the user can basically access most of the social media platforms through this app making it an excellent scheduler app. Additionally, though it is available only as a paid version, one can test it and in case of being dissatisfied with it, demand a refund in the allotted refund time. This app also provides a quick access to Twitter without having to open the app and shows up in the notification bar. Moreover, the theme engines that are available with the app are extremely powerful and all the user needs to do is just swipe off in order to get to the desired page on the app.


There you have it folks! No more worrying about limited connectivity issues or lack of features. With the above-mentioned apps, one can become a master of Social Media by simply using an app that offers them the best of the best Twitter apps for Android.

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