10 Best Projector Apps For Android

Projectors are one of the best ways to showcase your performance and ideas to a wider range of population in the most formal way. With time, projectors have also upgraded to make your life simpler and successful. With the best projector apps for Android, you can use your smartphone as a projector remote.

There was a time, when projectors could only be controlled through the buttons mounted on the device. Now that you can easily operate your projectors through your smartphones, all you need is the suitable app for your phone. Today, we’re going to talk about 10 best projector apps to use.

What are the best projector apps for Android?

Projector apps for Android are designed to help you operate your projector devices through your smartphones. This way, you wouldn’t need to reach the device for a series of actions that can be done through your mobile. Below is a list of projector applications that you can use on your Android smartphone and enjoy operating your projector device:

1. Panasonic Wireless Projector:

Panasonic Wireless Projector

While talking about the projector apps, tech giant Panasonic comes first to our mind. The Panasonic Wireless Projector app stands first in the list of Android projector apps.  The tool lets wireless projection for you of the screenshot and other files like PNG, PDF, and JPEG from your Android smartphone. The tool is easy to use and offers rotating, flipping and zooming of the files. With Panasonic Wireless Projector app, you can easily project your captured images and screenshot wirelessly.

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2. MultiPresenter:


MultiPresenter is one of the best ways to project your photos and documents on the receiving devices through wired or wireless mediums. With MultiPresenter, you can get any webpage transmitted to the receiving device that also allows mirroring of images. The tool lets you create favorite device list listed via IP addresses.

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3. ASUS Wi-Fi Projection:

ASUS Wi-Fi Projection

ASUS Wi-Fi Projection is another great android projector   app to showcase your mobile media through a projector. With this app, you can project PDF, PNG, JPG, MS Office etc. files from your mobile to the projector through a Wi-Fi network. If you’re using an ASUS wireless ready projector, you’d get a small Wi-Fi adapter featuring for wireless connections to a notebook PC or Android. With ASUS Wi-Fi Projection, you can also view local photo gallery with sketch support.

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4. Epson iProjection:

Epson iProjection

Epson needs no introduction in the field of projectors and printers. Epson iProjection works as great as its projectors and printer machine on your Android. The tool is designed to help you freely roam around the room and project your captured images and stored media on a bigger screen wirelessly. One of the best things about Epson iProjection is the ability of pairing through QR code that makes it easy to use. Also, you can use integrated camera of your device in some selected Epson projector models.

5. ViewSonic Wireless vPresenter:

ViewSonic Wireless vPresenter

ViewSonic Wireless is a dedicated projector app for Android that helps you establish a bridge between your Android and the projector for data transmission and display. It works over Wi-Fi and displays your mobile content on a bigger projector screen. You can use the app while working with the ViewSonic projector and have your photos, PDFs and MS Office files displayed professionally.

6. Acer eDisplay:

Acer eDisplay

If you’re looking for an easy to use projector app for Android, your search ends here. The tech giant Acer provides you with an Android app that lets you wirelessly project your mobile content on a bigger screen. You can display your photos, PDFs, MS Office files, Dropbox data on a TV or the projector. With Acer eDisplay, you’re allowed to stream image data and local photos from the Gallery.

7. iShow:


iShow is one of the easiest ways to cast your mobile content to the projector without any hassle. The app lets you wirelessly connect to the projector to help you display photos, videos, documents and other media. iShow is one of its kind app that is cordless and platform-less, which enables cross transmission. The app also supports cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Right Backup etc.

8. Universal Projector Remote Control:

Universal Projector Remote Control

If you’re looking for a tool that can work with any make and model of the projector then Universal Projector Remote Control is for you. The tool is dedicatedly designed to help you operate projector devices without the need of touching it. You can operate the device through your mobile. Also, the tool helps you save as many remotes of the devices as you want.

9. Boxi Air:

Boxi Air

Boxi Air is one of the best projector app for Android that is easy to use and comes with an intuitive interface. With Boxi Air, you can assure a quality presentation of your MS Excel, Image files etc. just install the app and connect it with Boxi mobile projector through Wi-Fi. Once done, just select the media file that you wish to display on the bigger screen.

10. Christie Virtual Remote:

Christie Virtual Remote

Christie is another great app that lets you setup your projector with your mobile device so that you can project your media and non-media content to a bigger screen. You can get your Christie projector connected with your Android and enjoy displaying multiple files on projector. However, it is important that the Android and the projector are there on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to identify the best projector apps for Android?

Although, there are plethora of projector apps that you can download on your Android to get started. Projector apps are designed to help you access a number of features of your projector device though your phone. One of the best ways to scrutinize the top apps for your device is to narrow-down the features that the app is providing and then match the list to your desired features.

Overall, projectors have proven to be one of the best ways to present your views amongst a set of people, which can be made easy with apps. You may choose to download any of the best projector apps for Android and control the device without the need of grabbing the machine or the remote. Also, projector apps provide you with a series of options and features, which you may not find elsewhere. In case, you wish to share some tips and tricks related to projectors, do let us know in the comments below.

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