Best Online Tax Software To File Your Taxes

For many of us, Tax Filing is itself a broad term. And, getting into the process is no less than a rollercoaster. This even becomes one of the reasons that many Americans avoid filing taxes and escape from confusing situations. But the fact is that we must file the taxes, no matter what. What if we drop you easy solutions in the form of the best tax software? We believe you can think of filing taxes once again!

Whether you are a businessman, a person doing a regular job or earning income from a trust or various other resources at the same time, you can also save some money by identifying tax-time priorities. A good tax return software can address the same for you. You may feel that some tax software is asking for high prices, but it is certainly lesser than hiring a professional. 

What Are The Qualities Of Best Tax Software?

  1. Smart tax software should make tax filing a smooth process without the need for extra labour work.
  2. It must be easy to use and understand, especially for newbies.
  3. It must support a wide range of taxes required to pay to the government.
  4. Additional support features like accuracy, guarantee, audit support, etc. are a huge advantage.
  5. It must be affordable for everyone and must suit the needs of every taxpayer.

Keeping all these qualities intact in our mind, we would like to push some of the best tax return software for your ease! Keep scrolling down for details of each.

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Best Tax Return Software In 2020

1. TurboTax

USP: Best tax software for overall support

TurboTax - best tax software

If you are a freelancer, independent contractor, real estate agent or a small business owner, you should know that this is the best tax return software for you. There are plenty of options for you where you start with an excellent question and answer round. Here, you can choose to add all your financial additions like mortgage, education loan, deductions and more. 

It offers you to track all the expenses in real-time as well throughout the year, log in the trips you took and even be able to camera capture the receipts of smallest expenses like gas station charges, bills, etc. It’s ‘You can do it’ section is ready to support you for options like owning a home, dependents, reviewing the return, charity donation, paying rent, etc. after which a Certified Public Accountant or CPA can act as your supporter. Cool, right?


Supports income from estates as well as provides QuickBooks integration.
Excellent user interface for personalized user experience.

Take care of upgrading plans during the tax file returns. Upgrade it only when you need it.


TurboTax review

Price: Starts from free edition to $120 for Federal; $45 per state

Website: TurboTax

2. H&R Block

USP: Best tax software for free filing

best online tax software

The interface begins with asking you preferences like have kids, maximize deductions, freelancer, investments, rentals, etc. As you choose one or more than one options, the best plans themselves get highlighted below. The reason why it is the best tax software for free filing is the availability of unlimited expert help, technical support, child care expenses, student loan interest, and much more.

Another best feature is that there are no hidden fees included, and plans are detailed in front of you. Whether you want to file online, using software or need other financial services, expert help is also available for you. Clear instructions, added services and refund results in real-time are some characteristics that make this tax return software stand apart from others.


Very simple interface for guidance.
They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee in 60 days.

Limited facilities with a free plan.

Price: Starts from free edition to $169; $44.99 per state field

Website: H&R Block

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3. TaxSlayer

USP: Best tax software with comfortable pricing plans

TaxSlayer- Best Online tax

Another one in the list of best tax software is indeed TaxSlayer. Interestingly, you wouldn’t need a specific device for filing your taxes here as it is web-based. Thankfully, they are committed to providing the right tools at the right price. It is secure, gives your fastest tax refund, and the software gets updated as soon as there are any changes in tax laws by the government. 

And you would love to note this feature for sure. Army personnels with active military EIN can fill their taxes and forms for free. For the rest of us, ‘Quick File‘ option is neat and efficient to make sure that things fall in place correctly.


Neat and clean interface.
Smart deduction and credit finder to maximize the returns.

Customer support is not as exciting as competitors.


TaxSlayer review

Price: Starts from free edition to $47; $39 per state field

Website: TaxSlayer

4. TaxAct

USP: Best budget-friendly tax return software

Best Online tax software

The game is simple! You apply for the preference, select the plans and details, and get the tax filed. They promise to give you the maximum refund you deserve! Isn’t that cool? A simple federal result or self-employed business owners, whatever be it, there are various filing options available for each category. 

People around the world love to call TaxAct as best tax software because of ease of design, navigation, on-call support and free mobile apps for the same purpose. All that we would say, sign in and start!


You can simply import last year taxes for any references.
Returns filed from the app come with $100k accuracy guarantee.

Less robust support to the customers when compared with others.


TaxAct review

Price: Starts from free edition to $109.95; $49.95 per state field

Website: TaxAct 

5. Credit Karma

USP: Best tax software for all your basic needs

credit karma

Started very recently, this platform has gained a lot of respect and became one of the best tax return software. The best part; it is 100% free! There won’t be any charges applicable when you wish to file federal or state tax returns. Moreover, if you want to keep things simple, just upload your W-2 information by clicking a photo

In case you have been using other tax return software by now, you are free to import all the data from there as well. Audit defense allows consumers for calculation accuracy. Plus, 24/7 live chat support is all that you need in times of help.


Fast, easy and free to use.
Credit Karma tax calculator is pretty accurate. If there are any errors, this platform pays you back for the same.

Some targeted financial ads may pop up in between


Credit Karma review

Price: Free

Website: CreditKarma 

6. Liberty Tax

USP: Tax software for experts

Liberty Tax

Find their office nearby or file taxes online, Liberty Tax has got the best services for you. Resources like a W-2 form, tax calculator, mileage calculator, mileage log, etc. are available for your quick assistance. In case, someone wants to educate themselves with tax information and various stages; the website helps in that too.

While you file taxes online, you are guaranteed 100% accuracy, fast filing system and multi-channel support from the professionals. Isn’t that simply perfect for the best tax software? Hell, yes!


Lets you import W-2 through ADP.
It shows all the risk of being audited clearly.

No free version available.


Liberty Tax

Price: Starts from $13.97

Website: LibertyTax

7. Jackson Hewitt

USP: Best software for tax preparation

Best Online Tax software

A lot of information on tax filing through blogs and simple interface are the beginners. The industry is thriving for more than 35 years and continuing to make tax returns easier. Moreover, a Tax Pro is there for you to understand your unique situations, know the right way to get you refunds and guarantee the biggest refund.

Use different tools online to calculate your refund, track the status, download the forms of prior or present year as well. A master in the field and indeed the best tax return software of today!


Clean and easy navigation. You can also easily track your progress.
If you can visit the nearby office, things get simpler, and you can trust them better.

Might not be suitable for small business owners.

Price: Free edition to $50 for Federal; $40 per state field

Website: Jackson Hewitt

8. FreeTaxUSA

USP: Best pricing software for multiple features

Best Online tax software

Have a peaceful mind settled down when you get your tax and financial services for free? They ask you to pay the State return only; rest is free! Priority support, live chat and audit assistance are few things you may need while filing taxes for the first time. There is no single reason why we may not call FreeTaxUSA the best tax software.

You can import your old tax receipts from the other software, where in return, you get to enjoy maximum refund, 100% guaranteed accuracy and real-time checking of information.


Your personal information is kept intact, and there is no harm to your security.
The Deluxe version offers live chat support, unlimited amended returns and advanced audit services

May not be applicable for complicated tax situations.



Price: Free for Federal, Delux services at $6.99; $15 per State field. 

Website: FreeTaxUSA


USP: One price for everyone


There is a lot of transparency when it comes to where prices are mentioned only $25 for everyone. Everything that you need includes in one single price. The interface and navigation method has been designed so straight that you don’t need any assistance to file the taxes.

Yet there is helpful support, easy resources and mobile-friendly website optimization. All that you ever needed is present at your disposal only.


Easy to use with a money-back guarantee.
Connected through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc

Complicated cases may feel a lag with this tax software


Price: $25

Website: 1040


We believe that tax return has become an easier job for you now. Moreover, these tax return software and the websites associated with them are so helpful that you do not want to miss filing taxes this time. Additionally, there are exciting pricing plans for each amongst which FreeTaxUSA and 1040 are amazing to go ahead with. 

Which one did you pick? Let us know in the comment section below!

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