8 Best Hiking Apps For Adventurers In 2023

Hiking is one way which helps release all my stress. Moreover, experiencing natural beauty always leaves me spellbound.,  However, it is not as easy as it seems! There are so many attributes to be taken care of during hiking, including weather, navigation, trail guide, fellow hikers and much more.Especially, when I decide just to pack my bags and leave without much planning ahead. This is where I thought that if any of the best hiking apps can help me, as technology has a solution for everything.

To my surprise, they indeed are helpful! How? Well, you will get to know once you learn about the best hiking apps mentioned below along with their special features.

8 Best Hiking Apps For Adventurers

1. AllTrails

Available: Android | iPhone

Price: Free; In-app purchases available


You can consider AllTrails as one of the best hiking apps or an app that contains all the relevant information required. You can find so many hiking, backpacking, and running trails all around the world. Their GPS tracker can be set up along with your trip to log the activity and even follow the path , in case you feel lost in the woods.

Helpful For Hikers:

  • You can filter the trail according to pet friendliness, wheel-chair bound trails, kids friendly, etc.
  • Find your own trail based on fitness and experience levels.
  • Download offline maps from the largest collection of hike maps for various locations.
  • Share your location from this top-rated hiking app to your friends or family members.
  • Follow inspirational hikers, runners, cyclists, etc. on the app.
  • Assign safety contacts so that they can track your plan and progress.

2. Hiking Project

Available: Android | iOS

Price: Free; In-app purchases available

Hiking Project - Best Hiking Apps

Hike with your crew or hike alone, Hiking Project will take care of full GPS route, elevation profiles, multiple features and much more. You will get mini-guides here that explain the highlights, challenging features and overall insights to plan the whole hike time.

Helpful For Hikers:

  • Your hiking database is regularly updated, and new trails keep adding.
  • The trails that have been downloaded works even offline making it the best GPS hiking apps.
  • You can enjoy high-resolution photos and detailed topographical trail maps here.

3. Spyglass

Available: Android | iOS

Price: $5.99

Spyglass - best hiking apps

Consider it as an essential and best hiking app for Android & iPhone for outdoors and off-road navigation. It compiles binoculars, gyrocompass, hi-tech compass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, star/sun/moon finder and much more that is required for a trekker.

Helpful For Hikers:

  • Spyglass operates in 3D, uses augmented reality and shows real-time object positions.
  • You can manually enter coordinates and bearings.
  • The in-built camera helps in taking pictures with all available GPS, position and directional data.

 4. Maps 3D Pro

Available: iOS

Price: $3.99

Maps 3D Pro - hiking apps for adventures

When planning for outdoor adventures, this 3D map view acts as one of the best hiking apps. These routes are helpful in planning, recording and sharing the routes where you can even log in the coordinates.

Helpful For Hikers:

  • The added 3D terrain gives you a proper trip planning and there is no chance of getting lost.
  • Towns, streets, mountains, rivers, etc. can all be located on the upcoming path.
  • Load maps in advance and they will work even without an internet connection. Indeed, a good hiking app.

 5. Cairn

Available: Android | iOS

Price: Free

Cairn - Best hiking apps

When safety is being talked about, Cairn wants you to stay safe when you are on an adventure trip outdoors. Your well-wishers can track your live-location, get notifications, and you can even find intelligent rescue decisions through this best hiking app for iPhone.

Helpful For Hikers:

  • Easy to set up where you can also find the live distance, elevation gain and ETA for hiking routes, summits, etc.
  • Open and share your plans with anyone you wish to.

6. First Aid

Available: Android | iOS

Price: Free

First Aid - Best Hiking apps

One of the most important and best free hiking apps that you must always consider keeping in your phone, First Aid. Accidents come uninvited and it is best to be prepared for it already. Moreover, you can also find great videos, interactive quizzes, and simple advice to prepare yourself before going on a trip..

Helpful For Hikers

  • Everyday first aid scenarios are guided in a step by step manner.
  • Safety tips for situations like winter weather to hurricanes, earthquakes to tornadoes, etc.
  • Even without internet connection, you have access to all the safety information required.

7. Knots 3D

Available: Android | iOS

Price: $4.99

Knots 3D - good hiking apps

Do you want to see how and which type of knots are required for certain activities? Or how to tie bowline knot or constrictor knot? You can even find the angles and knots done in 3D where high-resolution graphics and rope textures are shown well.

Helpful For Hikers:

  • No internet is required for emergencies.
  • Zoom in to see the knots in very great detail.
  • More than a dozen languages support your detailed knotting experience.
  • Categories are arranged in versions like Boating, Climbing, Fishing or the type of loops.

8. Peak Visor

Available: Android | iOS

Price: Free; In-app purchases available

Peak Visor - Most Popular hiking application

Reaching the top is not enough if you haven’t explored all the peaks around you! Right? Well, this is why you have got this best hiking app.

Helpful For Hikers:

  • As you open your phone’s camera and bring a mountain in the range of the camera, it automatically tells you the name of the peak you are looking at.
  • 3D maps allow you to understand the terrain when you are planning for skiing or snowboarding.
  • Its PRO version doesn’t want the internet to go along. You can move ahead without the need for it.

Mountains Are Calling!

As soon as you plan to go for the next hiking advent, keep an eye on these best hiking apps that include safety, maps, trail details, first aid and much more you can think of. Some of these apps even help you to rescue yourself from unfavorable situations. If you are ready, just go for these good hiking apps, especially Alltrails, Cairn and First Aid.

Have a safe and adventurous trip! Keep going! And do not forget to share your views in the comment section below.


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