4 Best Facebook Alternatives For Social Media Addicts

While the last decade has been defined by social media, Facebook’s decreasing popularity has totally reached a new level this year. After so many mistakes and failures, people are getting disheartened by all that has been done till date.

Why is it happening?

  1. According to our expectations, nothing new is happening on Facebook. It has the same interface from the day it was launched. People might want to see some new tools and changes. People have to go through so many steps just to hide their profiles from random freaks, which is frustrating at times.
  2. Recent Data leak in which Cambridge Analytica obtained access to personal information of Facebook users. This all was done in order to build software that can target voters and individuals of United States. The votes were manipulated during the Presidential Election Campaign of year 2016, in which Donald Trump was elected as the President of United States of America.
  3. Facebook is full of adware now and no user wants to see ads before streaming a video or before playing a game. This adware on the other side, could open a window for malware and virus in our system.

So, all we can conclude is that Facebook has now become boring and uninteresting. And, after all the incidents that took place, one can see that data is not safe and secure. Leaking someone’s personal information is unethical and against the law.

People Might want to change their choices after having trust issues. They might want to switch to some other platform instead of Facebook now.

So, don’t worry! Today, in this article we will be talking about the Best 4 Alternatives to Facebook that are addictive.

1. Minds


It is a platform for social networking, which is free and open-source. Here, you get rewarded for your online activities with digital currency and revenue. It has got all the features similar to Facebook that includes messaging, profiles, timelines, media sharing, streaming, etc. It’s a package with all the wants of social media addicts.

This platform is a booster for tech people. As it has a feature of open-source code with zero censorship policy. It also features original blog content that can be monetized using Minds cryptocurrency tool.

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2. Vero


Vero made it easier for users to connect over shared interests, where you can find the posts you want and can discover anything that includes music, places, books, movies, and everything in between. You can control who wants to see your posts and who doesn’t.

This is ad free platform that means no algorithms were added later that makes it secure and safe to use. You can even clean the feeds once you are done readings them.

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 3. Path


Path is also a social media sharing application, where you can capture moments and share them on the go. Not just moments it also allows you to share the text, music, trips, check-ins, workouts, and books. It has feature for timeline search from where you can search for your moments and feeds.

With settings that are simple and easy to understand it keeps your data private and secure. It has a feature like seen it that allows user to view the list the of people of those who have seen the post.

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4. diaspora*


Diaspora has a unique feature that no other platform has. it is an open source software that can be used by anyone to set up a server. The users have a freedom of choice to store their data in individual pods that can be controlled by the user itself, which makes it safe and secure for storing personal data. Once the data has been stored, users can also interact with any other user.

The most amazing thing it has is that users don’t have a need to expose their personal identity. Instead, users can choose aliases for interacting with other users.

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So, this was all! Facebook isn’t going to change. But, your choices could change. Try these above given platforms if you want to switch from boring Facebook.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. Give us your feedback in the comments box below.

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