7 Best ePub to PDF Converter Software For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC (2023)

EPUB (Electronic Publication) format is utilized with the extension.epub and it is a digital form of a book. This format is good to read but not suitable for printing. A specific tool called an ePub to PDF converter aids in the conversion of ebooks into PDF documents.  While ePub files can only be read on supported Ereader software, PDF files are much more universal, small, and versatile, and can thus be seen on practically any device. In comparison to the ePub format, PDF documents are easier to edit, compress, lock/protect, and are more useful. This guide lists down a few applications that are considered the best EPUB to PDF converters available.


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List of Best ePub to PDF Converter Software To Use In 2023

Wondering if there’s any good free software to convert ePub files to PDF? Well, your search ends right here!

1. TalkHelper


The finest ePub to PDF converter software is TalkHelper PDF Converter, which is not only fast but also ensures the highest output quality. Individual ePub files can be converted quickly, and the batch convert option lets you convert many ebooks (including entire folders) at once. You may also use the partial conversion feature to extract select pages or page ranges and save them as a new PDF.

  • Converts ePub to PDF in batches and parts.
  • Delivery of high-quality output timely
  • Multilingual and easy to use.

Cost: $29.95

Click Here to Visit the Website.

2. Adobe Digital Editions


When it comes to reading ebooks, Adobe Digital Editions is designed to provide you with the best possible experience across all devices. It allows you to download/purchase ePub ebooks and convert them to PDFs that can be viewed and printed by anybody. Based on Adobe’s reputation, you can expect a polished ebook converter that combines speed, quality, and dependability all in one package. Aside from that, you can count on excellent results every time you transform an ePub to PDF.

  • Conversion of high-quality ePub to PDF
  • The EPUB 3 standard is supported.
  • A built-in ePub downloader is included.

Cost: $0

Click Here to Visit the Website.

3. Calibre


Calibre is an open-source ePub to PDF converter that not only serves as an ebook manager but also converts documents. You get to keep the metadata when you convert an ebook to PDF, as well as access to a comprehensive editor tool for popular formats like ePub and Kindle. Before converting, use the built-in viewer to examine and double-check the source ePub file. Calibre also has a portable version, which allows you to take the ebook converter with you on a USB stick.

  • Open-source and completely free
  • Supports numerous platforms and includes an ePub viewer and editor.
  • The ebook converter is available in a portable form.

Cost: $0

Click Here to Visit the Website.

4. Epubor ePub to PDF Converter


The base version of Epubor ePub to PDF Converter can only handle DRM-free ePub files, but Epubor Ultimate can also convert DRM-protected ePub files to PDF. This free download tool also gives you access to a wide range of customization options for certain devices.

Epubor ePub to PDF Converter can even auto-detect damaged ePub files, saving you time and maybe resolving the problem. This software, like its counterparts, claims speedy ePub to PDF conversion (up to 60X), as well as the capacity to convert hundreds of ebooks at once.

  • DRM-protected ePub files are supported, and the output can be customized.
  • Broken ePub files can be detected.
  • With batch conversion options, it’s efficient.

Cost: $0

Click Here to Visit the Website.

5. PDFMate ePub to PDF Converter


The PDFMate ePub to PDF Converter makes it simple to convert ePub, Mobi, AZW3, KFX, and other ebook formats to PDF. You can alter the metadata of the converted PDF file to match your needs, in addition to the much-desired batch convert function.

When you combine this with a user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to execute ePub to PDF conversions quickly and efficiently. The output PDF files inherit the content features of the original ebook, demonstrating its prowess, and printing fidelity is achieved. Even better, you get access to full customer care if any complications arise.

  • Allows you to make changes to PDF metadata.
  • Keep the layout, fonts, and formatting from the original.
  • Batch ePub to PDF conversion is supported.

Cost: $29.95

Click Here to Visit the Website.

6. Wondershare PDFElement


Wondershare PDFElement allows you to convert ePub to PDF with minimal effort while still producing excellent results. This ebook converter not only converts ePub to PDF but also allows you to edit the final PDF file and encrypt it if necessary.

You can, for example, password-protect the converted PDF file without using any additional software. The resulting PDF will look just like the original ePub, but with superior universal viewing, sharing, and printing benefits, thanks to the original layout and formatting is preserved.

  • Allows you to edit and secure PDFs after they’ve been converted.
  • Enables you to convert several ePub files to PDF at once.
  • It’s possible to use it both online and offline.

Cost: $79.95

Click Here to Visit the Website.

7. Zamzar


Zamzar is one of the greatest online ePub to PDF converters. It only has three converting processes and can send you an email when the job is finished. You can import ePub files from your local storage or directly from URLs if the source files are also available online.

Zamzar is a wonderful go-to solution because of its convenience, experience, quickness, and support. Zamzar uses encrypted connections to address security concerns and deletes your files from the servers once you’re finished.

  • Online storage is available.
  • Batch processing is supported.
  • Customer service is outstanding.

Cost: $9

Click Here to Visit the Website.

The Final Word On 7 Best ePub to PDF Converter Software

If you want to convert ePub files to PDF files quickly and easily, the finest ePub to PDF converter is a must-have application. This article has covered a variety of online and offline programs that have proven to provide a thorough and trustworthy ebook to the PDF transformation process. You can skip the laborious and time-consuming task of sifting through a large number of programs this way. You’ll eventually bridge the gap and be able to print ebooks properly, share them globally, and view them on any platform, among other PDF benefits.

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Q. How do I convert EPUB to PDF?

To convert EPUB into a simple PDF, you can use any of the applications listed above. Some of these applications are free to use while others are paid because they offer various features in addition to simple conversions like editing and formatting.

Q. What is the best EPUB to PDF Converter?

Calibre is the best EPUB to PDF converter application that allows transforming for free and also supports a portable version that need not be installed.

Q. How do I convert EPUB files to PDF for free?

There are many applications to choose from while converting EPUB files to PDF for free. You can choose among the best ones listed above but we recommended Calibre for its multi-functional capacity as well as easy-to-use features.

Q. How do I convert a PDF to an ebook for free?

An EPUB to PDF converter application helps to import, convert and export any EPUB file to PDF with ease. There are both free and paid applications available for this task. If you are looking for free software, then you can try Calibre which is the best free EPUB to PDF converter.

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