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Author: Vishwadeep Mathur

Tech Facts - 2018-01-24

Know Your Computer Booting Process

It happens with everybody. You have been invited for an occasion, first thing you do is to prepare yourself. It is the similar case when you when you turn on your computer.On starting the computer, operating system is loaded to prepare the system for further use. This set of instructions are named as booting process….

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Tech News - 2018-01-17

Why Do You Need A Sound Database Management System?

When you finally decide to clean your house or room after several weeks of avoidance, you find many things that are totally out of place. So, you think of making a system to make it easy for everyone to keep things at their intended place. You define various categories and classify the household things with…

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For Windows, Tech News - 2018-01-16

Interesting Facts About Computer Timekeeping

All computers display date and time and almost all the users use system time to manager their personal schedules. Whether it’s coffee time, or time for lunch, Is it time up to go home? And sometimes, to complete the job by the deadline given. System time is the current date and time of day that…

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For Windows, Tech News - 2018-01-15

What Is Abandonware Software?

You must have heard of shareware, and freeware, but, have you heard of abandonware? Any software that has not been provided support by its developer or has not been updated are considered abandonware. It may be on purpose or has been done unintentionally. However, abandonware does not mean that the software cannot be purchased or…

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