Gargi Sengupta

Gargi is working with WeTheGeek as Content Editor and Strategist. She believes Technology laced with Pop Culture, makes for an interesting combination. Beyond her work space, she fancies herself as a left-brained, right leaning conscientious individual with a weakness for good food, films, and fiction.

Author: Gargi Sengupta

Tech News - 2021-04-30

How VR Is Changing Healthcare In Ways You Can’t Imagine!

We, at Systweak have evolved over the last one year. Initially, our blogs focused on helping the ‘bumbling average user’ cope with his/her daily technical misadventures. One would find solutions to rid their phone of junk files to retrieving files deleted by mistake and so on. While we still continue to provide you – our…

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Friday Essentials - 2017-04-14

Friday Essentials: The Funny Side of Technology

We have been mulling over this weekly section of ours. Friday Essentials. It started off as a tech news bulletin of sorts and remained that way till date. Well, mostly. But wait a sec. It’s Friday, right? So why so serious! We are switching gears. Friday Essentials will be more in line with your TGIF…

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For Windows, Tech News - 2021-04-30

Goodbye Windows Vista…

Come April 11 and Windows Vista – described as his ‘biggest mistake’ by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer – will see its final lot of Security Updates. Vista, which was originally introduced in 2006 was never the best of Windows’ version updates. If you still have Vista installed on your PC, you’ll not get your…

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Future Tech - 2021-04-30

Welcome to Amazon Go: The Future of Shopping!

Have you heard of Amazon Go yet? No? Well, then trust you me, it’s definitely the next big thing in retail. So what is the hype about? How many times have you deliberately not gone to the grocery store to avoid standing in serpentine – okay maybe that’s over-dramatization – checkout queues? At least once,…

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