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Tech News - 2021-04-16

Google Chrome Just Became Faster and Secure with a new major update

Google has released a major update on its browser’s desktop version which claims to patch 37 security vulnerabilities and speed up the performance of the browser. The new version labeled as Chrome 90 also provides additional support for video conferencing services.   The major change which is featured in this update is the encryption standard…

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Tech News - 2021-04-15

Meazor – Digital Measurement Tool That Uses Laser Technology.

An amazing device has recently been invented which will change the current method of work in the field of Architecture, Engineering, and Design. This tool uses laser technology to measure distance, scan floor plans, calculate angles and even convert the measurements from imperial to metric and vice versa. You call it a digital measuring tape…

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Tech News - 2021-04-09

Beware – Fake Oximeter Apps Can Steal Your Online Identity

Amidst several self-check methods that you can use to test yourself for COVID 19, one that has especially become popular is the use of an oximeter, a device that is used to check the blood oxygen levels in your body. If it falls below a particular level, you should immediately consult a healthcare specialist. Putting…

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