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Tech News - 2021-04-09

Beware – Fake Oximeter Apps Can Steal Your Online Identity

Amidst several self-check methods that you can use to test yourself for COVID 19, one that has especially become popular is the use of an oximeter, a device that is used to check the blood oxygen levels in your body. If it falls below a particular level, you should immediately consult a healthcare specialist. Putting…

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Tech News - 2021-04-06

Apple Revises The Value Of Old iPhones & iPads

Apple recently revised the trade-in values of its products resulting in a gain for iPhone users but a considerable decrease for Mac products. This surprising change will take effect from today where users will find a slight rise in the buyback value of iPhone 11, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPad Pro. However, users with other…

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Tech News - 2021-04-01

Microsoft Warns About The Increasing Firmware Attacks

Microsoft has expressed its concern by releasing the latest Security Signals report for March 2021 which displays that 80% of the organizations have undergone one firmware attack during the last couple of years. It claims that this is because these organizations are not allocating enough funds to protect the firmware. If you are wondering about…

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