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We use ordinary search engines to conduct a large number of searches on the internet in our daily lives. However, when searching for specific sorts of documents, such as PDFs, it is preferable to utilize a PDF search engine that is developed specifically for that purpose. Although Google and other search engines can search PDFs, there are occasions when you need a search engine that is specifically built to find exactly what you need on the Internet. There are search engines dedicated to PDF searches that reveal only PDF links for your search word quickly. It makes it easier to locate PDFs, eBooks, and other document files that are frequently jumbled in with other search engine results.

How Does a PDF Search Engine Work?

A PDF search engine functions similarly to an online archive of PDF documents, such as tutorials, user guides, publications, scientific and technical papers, and even digital books.

The best aspect is that they are available for free and may be accessed at any time and from any location. They allow you to run as many searches as you want and get relevant results in a matter of seconds.

You may get a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics by using a good PDF search engine. This will help you prepare for tests, do assignments, conduct research, and generally improve your knowledge.

Best PDF Search Engine Sites to Get Free PDF eBooks

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  • How Does a PDF Search Engine Work?
  • 1. Find-pdf-doc.
  • 2. FreeFullPDF
  • 3. PDF Downloads
  • 4. Science.gov
  • 5. Google Scholar
  • 6. ResearchGate
  • 7. BASE
  • FAQs

There are many PDF Search Engine Sites available on the internet but not all of them can serve your purpose and hence we have compiled a list of the best websites that can help you get free eBooks.

1. Find-pdf-doc.

Image Courtesy: Find-PDF-Doc

Find-pdf-doc is one of the best PDF Search Engine Sites for locating PDF ebooks, spreadsheets, papers, contracts, and novels in a variety of areas, including commerce, school, banking, and software guides. There are a variety of ways to improve the results of your search. PDF, software, docs, games, MP3, videos, etc are some of the options that you can choose while searching your keyword.

This web tool features a straightforward and user-friendly layout. Simply type in the keyword, choose the file type, and press the search button. Within a few seconds, it will display all of the linked search results.

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2. FreeFullPDF

Image Courtesy: FreeFullPDF

This is a specialized PDF Search Engine Site for finding free scientific papers. Biosciences, healthcare, physics sciences, mathematical, social sciences, and humanities are different options that one can choose from.  To discover the best results from certain websites, this page uses the Google custom search engine tool.

It contains all of the information in PDF format. You can quickly search for research papers on a given topic and receive rapid results. You can also sort the results by the following criteria: thesis, evaluation, copyright, clinical study, and so on.

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3. PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads

One of the Web’s newest, fastest, and most efficient free PDF search engines on the internet is PDF Downloads. It lets users search for and download thousands of PDFs to their computer or mobile device. Tutorials, user guides, eBooks, and other PDFs that are not easily available on other PDF search engines can be found on this page. This application is designed to assist users in locating relevant pdf materials for their research projects. It features a clean and basic design that makes it simple to find information making it a strong contender for the best PDF Search Engine Site.

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4. Science.gov

Image Courtesy: Science.gov

Science.gov is a portal to government science information in the United States. This website provides open access to research and development (R&D) results as well as technical and scientific information from 13 federal entities.

You can search over 60 databases, 2,200 websites, and 200 million pages of reliable government science material in a variety of formats, including full-text papers, citations, scientific data supporting federally supported research, and multimedia, through this gateway.

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5. Google Scholar

Google Scholar
Image Courtesy: Google Scholar

Google Scholar is also one of the best PDF Search Engine Sites for those who frequently seek out academic papers. It allows you to do searches across multiple disciplines and resources from a single location. It can help you find a thesis, books, academic journals, online archives, abstracts, professional associations, and much more. Google Scholar ensures that whatever your research topic is, it will find relevant content in a short time.

It not only allows you to find free research articles, but it also provides a link to download them in PDF format. It gives you all the details about a PDF file, including when it was released, who wrote it, and so on.

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6. ResearchGate

Image Courtesy: Research Gate

For academics and researchers, ResearchGate is one of the top PDF search engines. It has more than 135 million pages of publications on subjects like biochemistry, computer programming, health, physics, sociology, and more. Its global network has over 20 million individuals who share their research findings. You can also share your findings, collaborate with your peers, and obtain support once you’ve joined the community.

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Image Credits: Base

BASE is yet another useful PDF search engine for finding academic documents. Its database has over 240 million items from over 8000 authors. It indexes articles and journals, institutional repositories, digital collections, and other academic sites. However, you can only access 60% of the indexed document for free, and you’ll need to join to have full access.

BASE is always working to improve its services and features. It’s a highly handy tool because database administrators can incorporate it into their infrastructure for quick research.

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How do I search in a PDF document?

The PDF document has text and formatting closed in its dimension to retain its appearance on various operating systems and devices. Hence a PDF document cannot be indexed by Windows Search and has to be individually opened in a PDF reader and then searched for whatever you are looking for.

What is the best PDF search engine?

Find-pdf-doc is a useful tool for locating PDF ebooks, spreadsheets, papers, contracts, and novels in a range of fields, such as business, school, banking, and software manuals.

Where can I find free PDF books?

You can find many free PDF titles on the internet using the PDF Search Engine Sites listed above. But remember that you may not get all of the books due to copyright issues.

The Final Word On 7 PDF Search Engine Sites to Get Free PDF eBooks

The above websites and search engines are among the best PDF Search Engine Sites available on the internet. You can use any one or more than one to find the book you are looking for. All you have to do is visit the website and type in the name. Remember, you have to make sure that the books you download do not violate any copyright law.

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