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How to Convert Word to PDF on Windows 10, 8, 7 (4 Ways)

Going by the title, these are the kind of questions that might pop up in your mind - Why should I convert a Word document to a PDF format? How would converting a Word document to PDf benefit me? Why use PDF instead of Word? Le...


How to Turn on Microphone on Windows 10

A microphone plays a vital role when talking to someone or recording audio on a personal computer. All of which is impossible without a microphone that is enabled and accessible. A disabled mic, at times, can create discomfort and frustrati...


How To Fix Low System Resources On Windows 10/11

Has it ever happened that as soon as you tried to log into a new user account, you received a message saying “low system resources on Windows”? If yes, then do check out the fixes that we have discussed in this post. These fixes have al...


How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode

Like mobile, Windows 10 offers an Airplane mode that allows you to unplug from the internet rapidly. You can activate Airplane mode and resolve common internet-related difficulties instead of turning the device off. However, if you activat...


How To Reset Quick Access Pinned Folders In Windows 10

Many of the features in Windows 10 are aimed at enhancing productivity, but few of them do. Among these is the Quick Access feature. It can be found on the left side of the Explorer window and contains folders that Windows presumes you'll r...


How To Fix Second Monitor Not Detected on Windows 10 (2023)

When you have multiple tasks and things to keep track of, having one monitor screen may not be enough. Things may get cumbersome when you have a lengthy video editing task to handle or you’re working on motion graphics; working on a sing...


How to Enable Windows 10 Game Mode

Windows 10 first introduced Game Mode in 2017. It's an easy solution for Windows users to increase the speed of their Computer games. You only toggle Game Mode on or off; there are no elaborate settings or choices. Windows makes a few backg...


How to Fix the “Scan Drive for Errors” Notification on Windows 10

Drive errors are the most dangerous of Windows errors. If your storage drive fails, you face the danger of losing a lot of important personal and business files. The Windows Security and Maintenance component's notification to "Scan drive f...


How to Disable Bing in the Windows 10 Start Menu

Are you looking for a way to disable Bing in Windows? Even if your answer is no, give this blog a read, as you might change your mind. Did you know Windows 10 sends all the search results you enter in the Start Menu to their servers so they...


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