Zoom Joins Forces With OpenAI To Infuse AI-Based Features Into The Platform

Zoom has teamed up with OpenAI to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities into its platform.

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Zoom will now operate on the same engine that powers ChatGPT. Through this partnership, Zoom users can now enjoy innovative AI-powered functionalities that enhance their video conferencing experience.

Zoom has recently made public its collaboration with OpenAI in a bid to integrate AI-driven features into its network. The company recognizes the significant impact of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, in enhancing work productivity. It aim to implement OpenAI’s generative tool into Zoom IQ as part of its efforts to streamline and save employees’ time. This partnership is expected to bring more innovative and user-friendly features to the popular video conferencing platform, further strengthening its position in the market.

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Zoom has recently unveiled the latest upgrades to its Zoom IQ, an AI-powered assistant designed to support users’ video conferencing needs. The company announced these updates on Monday, highlighting the impressive new features that aim to improve the overall user experience.

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What is Zoom IQ and What Can It Do Now?

Zoom IQ has been likened to a virtual personal aide that enables users to organize and condense meeting recordings. At present, Zoom IQ is capable of capturing critical information, including action items and highlights, and providing easy access to meeting details through chapters. Additionally, the company introduced Zoom IQ for Sales last year, which allows users to leverage the platform’s analytical capabilities to obtain valuable insights from Zoom meetings.

However, with recent developments, this tool is set to become even more intelligent, as it is expected to incorporate cutting-edge AI technology that will enhance its functionality significantly.

Here are the upgrades in the new AI-powered Zoom IQ –

  • Zoom IQ now has the ability to review past conversations from Zoom meetings and calls and generate recommendations based on the context of the discussion. These suggestions can be used to streamline communication and save time, with users having the option to edit the content before sending it out.
  • Zoom IQ assists you in message composition and offers response ideas in accordance with the context of previous conversations.
  • To ensure that you don’t skip a beat, Zoom IQ can produce “CliffNotes” of your Zoom meetings.

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Now take a look at the use cases below to see how AI-powered Zoom IQ can be used in these creative ways:

1. Zoom IQ allows users to request a summary of missed information for team members who join a meeting late, eliminating the need to pause the meeting.

2. Zoom IQ can set up a whiteboard session for the ongoing meeting, allowing team members to contribute notes via text input.


3. When a session is over, Zoom IQ can share a recap of the session and suggest actions for moving forward.

4. Zoom IQ’s chat compose can write responses and can rephrase sentences for better clarity, but users can still edit their replies to reflect their voice.

5. Zoom IQ can suggest content for follow-up emails by analyzing meeting summaries and completed tasks. Again, you can edit it to reflect your voice in it.

Zoom IQ

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Availability Of New AI-Powered Zoom IQ

Zoom has announced that it will be offering its new AI-driven features to a select group of customers on an invite-only basis beginning in April.  While initially limited to a select group of customers, Zoom intends to expand the availability of these features more broadly in the future.

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