Year of Ransomware: A Brief Recap

Having talked about ransomware all year, we have come up with a list of the most notable ones of the year. Throughout 2016, there were hundreds and thousands of ransomware strains that appeared and created the menace. Looking back, we can only determine several industries and sectors having certain percentage of Ransomware attacks. Perhaps, there hasn’t been any month without a new ransomware variant in 2016. With that said, here’s a lowdown on Ransomware recap from June to November 2016. Apparently, this report makes palpable that we’d receive more Ransomware attacks in the coming year.

June 2016:

June had around 20 new ransomware strains and updates in the existing ones. These are listed below.

  • UltraCrypter: A strain of Crypto family, CryptXXX was updated in June and had become UltraCrypter.
  • Jigsaw: This strain took a cue from the notorious villain from the SAW series. And it looked rather menacing.
  • Bart: This one was quite similar to Locky Ransomware. It adds one’s personal files to a ZIP archive protected by a strong password, instead of encrypting one’s files.
  • Microcop: It demands unthinkable ransom, summing to 48.48 Bitcoin.
  • Satana: It encrypts and locks system, at the same time.
  • Shade: It uses .windows 10 extension to infect data.
  • Ransomware targeting Russian audiences: Many strains attacked Russian audiences this year, unlike before. These include .cripttt or . criptokod, RAA, Ded Cryptor, Crypt38, Jozy and Unlock92.
  • Necurs Botnet, Educrypt, Kartoscrypt, Ransomware hitting Zimbra, Apocalypse, Cryptoroger, Cryptoshocker, Flocker, Nemucod, Upswing, Herbst, Juicylemon, Black Shades

July 2016:

July had 19 new as well as upgraded ransomware strains. As compared to the previous month, July didn’t receive crazy ransomware

  • Alfa, New variants of Apocalypse, ‘UltraDeCrypter, CryptoFinancial, BitStak, PizzaCrypts, PadCrypt, Unlock92 Ransomware improves its crypto, CTB-Locker, ODCODC, Xorist, WildFire Locker, Stampado, Petya, HolyCrypt, CrypMIC, Simple_Encoder, Jager, UYARI

August 2016:

August was an average month with 20 ransomware strains and variants. These also included Hitler ransomware and an infamous Ransomware- PokemonGo.

  • Zepto, ShinoLocker, Cerber, VenusLocker, Hitler-Ransomware, RektLocker, Thermostat, Smrss32, PokemonGo, Crypt0L0cker update, Shark, FSociety, DetoxCrypto, Alma Locker, CTB-Locker mimic discovered, Globe, Fantom, Domino, DetoxCrypto spinoff discovered, Cerber3 edition

September 2016:

September was again an average month with 21 ransomware strains and variants in it. It also listed Donald Trump Ransomware, when US election fever was at its peak and peeps had Trump as the hottest topic to talk about.

  • CryLocker, Locky switches to offline encryption, RarVault, KawaiiLocker, Philadelphia, Flyper, CryPy, Crysis, NoobCrypt, LockLock, Atom, Razy, Mash notes, HDDCryptor, Cyber SpLiTTer Vbs, UnblockUPC, Nagini, Donald Trump, Princess, TeamXRat, Nuke

October 2016:

We had 24 ransomware variants in the month of October. This has been another month with most ransomware strains. Here are their names.

  • KillerLocker, CryptoLocker 5.1, Cerber ransomware version 4 released, Hades Locker, Kostya, Comrade Circle, Enigma Ransomware update, VenisRansomware, Anubis, Low-severity, Click Me game, JapanLocker, MBRFilter, Bilingual Lock93, Angry Duck, N1n1n1, Locky version- the .shit extension, Locky’s Thor edition, Hungarian, Screen locker, CryptoWire, Onyx, IFN643, Jack.Pot

November 2016:

Ransomware strains seem to have bombarded in the month of November. With around 33 strains and updates, it has become the month of ransomware up until now. It had no day spared without a new Ransomware variant.

  • Smash, zScreenLocker, EncryptoJJS, PayDOS, Gremit, New version of Cerber, CLock.Win32., PaySafeCard, AiraCrop, iRansom, Heimdall, Telecrypt, Kolobok themed ransomware, Karma, Angela Merkel, Ransoc, CryptoLuck, Demo, The comeback of PClock, Crypton, ShellLocker, Dharma, ID Ransomware, CHIP propagation, Locky ransomware spreading via Facebook spam, Crypt888 ransomware update, Thanksgiving, OzozaLocker, Cerber ransomware 5.0 surfaces, Lomix, CockBlocker, Kangaroo.

This was a brief ransomware recap for last 6 months. The year has one more month to, which might change the scenario. We may have December as the month of ransomware or may be another month with average strains. All this can be examined after we step into 2017. However, there is one thing certain- these attacks are not going to see any stoppage anytime soon. You rather remain prepared for any such attack and protect your data before it is hacked.

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