Xiaomi The Worst Smartphone Radiation Offender! Report Says

According to a recent report published by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, several popular models of smartphones are shown to emit abnormal levels of radiation. This includes the hot selling models by Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google and Apple. Although most smartphones emit radiation, these highlighted models are the worst. As per the report, each smartphone was measured for the amount of radiofrequency waves released, measured in SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The higher the levels of SAR, the more risk a smartphone poses for users.

You can check out the various smartphone models that have been found to emit the highest and lowest amount of radiofrequency waves in the image below.

Specific Absorption Rate(SAR)

What’s The Problem With High Radiation?

As already mentioned above, all smartphones emit some amount of radio waves as that is how they work. Nevertheless, there are several studies that show that Radiofrequency waves can cause cancer in rats. This however, cannot be blatantly linked to cancer in humans and some studies even suggest that cell phone radiation is only harmful to rats and not humans.

But since there’s a special government body to keep tabs on radiation in smart devices, this study can be considered as a warning if you are a smartphone addict. What’s even more surprising is the involvement of industry giants like Apple and Google, both of which have their top selling smartphone models among the defaulters.

Should You Be Scared?

This might sound like a scare tactic to several users as it is surely surprising to find some of the most top selling smartphone manufacturers in the list. Regardless of the fact, it is also important for readers from other regions to know that these ratings mostly apply to Germany itself and feels a little biased towards Samsung. And with the lack of a universally accepted measure, the study currently gives way to more questions than answers.

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