Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Which One Is Better?

On 8th November, Microsoft finally released its long-awaited and most powerful game console till date, “Xbox One X”. This was also accompanied with, price drop for Xbox One S. However, both consoles have a sleek design, can play 4k content and have similar names. So, why the difference in prices? Which out of the two is better and whether One X is even worth it’s price tag?

In this article, we will discuss about a few features of both the consoles to give you an idea on how different, or alike they are.

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 Common Features Between the Consoles

Here, are some common features between both consoles.

  • USB Ports:

The first similarity between both consoles is the connectivity. Both have three USB 3.0 ports, one on the front and two at the rear.

  • HDMI Ports:

At the rear end, both consoles have a pair of HDMI ports (2.0b out and 1.4b in), S/PDIF audio, Ethernet, and an IR output.

  • Sound:

Both consoles have Dolby Atmos for sound which is Dolby digital 5.1 audio. The system offers a good home theater experience.

  • 4K HDR content:

4K HDR content Both consoles support HDR in some games. They can play 4K HDR content through the HDR 10 standard and have UHD Blu-ray disc drives.

Difference Between Xbox One X and Xbox One S?

  • Design

Microsoft designed Xbox One X, the smallest Xbox ever. It is slimmer than Xbox One S. However, Xbox One X is heavier(8.4-pound) than the Xbox One S (6.4-pound). Look wise, both are identical. One X doesn’t have any open part in the top to blow out hot air unlike the One S. One X comes with dark grey finish while One S comes in white.

  • 4K Technology

Both the consoles are identical when it comes to 4K entertainment. They can play 4K Blu-rays, and stream Ultra HD content from supported apps. However, One X is the only Xbox that brings true 4K gaming experience. You can enjoy 4K TV in ultra HD and play games such as Gears of War 4, Assassin’s Creed and Forza Motorsport 7. Also, it’s the only Xbox that supports built-in 4K video capture.

4K Technology

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  • Performance:

In terms of performance, both consoles are very different. The Xbox One X has massive specifications. It is more powerful to play games at a much higher resolution than One S. Due to its richer specifications, it provides more scope for big effects such as smoke and explosions.


Image SRC: Microsoft

  • Hardware:

In terms of hardware, Xbox One X has a cooling and power system, which keeps temperatures down and maintain efficiency. One S comes with 500GB of storage expandable up to 2TB. One X comes with a 1TB storage with 8GB of flash storage.


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  • Value

The most important difference for a user is price. One S costs $249 whereas cost of One X is almost its double at $499.

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Bottom Line

Still confused? If you want true 4K experience then go for One X as it is the most powerful console. In case you are looking for  budget friendly console then One S is the perfect choice.

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