Worst Games That Put Great Movies to Shame

Sure, Hollywood is known for some of the greatest achievements in cinematic history, with movies known for their highly creative storytelling. The same can also be said about a lot of video games that not only impressed gamers with gameplay, but are also remembered for their highly detailed cinematic experience. But sadly, video games and movies don’t seem to crossover as smoothly as one can tell by the sheer number of mind-numbing movie based video games. Sure, there are some titles that don’t suck. But then there are games that have proved to be nothing but heaps of pure disappointment for both movie fans and gamers. We’ve compiled a short list of such games that literally took a dump on some great movies.

  1. Top Gun


Released by Konami in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Top Gun was a desperate attempt to market the Tom Cruise led blockbuster to attract gamers. What they got was one of the most infuriating flight simulators with irresponsive controls and extremely shallow gameplay.

The game comprises of 4 stages and if completed successfully will trigger one of the two endings. Apart from the names mentioned, there’s no element in the gameplay that ties it to the movie and is noted for being extremely difficult. But at least this is one of few games that can be played better using ‘PowerGlove’, an equally horrendous monstrosity in shape of a nerdy looking controller.

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  1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day


There are no words for how important Terminator 2 was for movie lovers. However, the same cannot be said about Terminator 2: Judgement day released for the SNES. All that we get from the movie is the select screen and the game background resembling the environments from the movie. However, the gameplay is a typical side-scrolling run-n-gun with horrendous controls and hit detection. Regardless of how good you’re at gaming, you certainly won’t be back to play this massive disappointment.

  1. Fight Club


Fight Club was certainly a life changing movie for cinema lovers, not just cos it starred Brad Pitt, but because it portrayed the frustrations of daily life and routines. But it would certainly be awkward if you were made to play a game based on the movie plot.

Nevertheless, the game designers seemed to screw things up in an even worse way when all gamers got was a shallow fighting game based on the movie characters with an even boring story mode. Most elements were shamelessly borrowed from the likes of Street Fighter and Tekken making this one of the most unoriginal fighting games till date.

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  1. Total Recall


There’s something about Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and bad video game adaptations (apart from Alien Vs Predator for CPS2) and Total Recall tops the list. Total Recall is another one of those cheap attempts by game developers and production houses to cash in on a movie’s success. Yet again, the gamers got a badly programmed side-scrolling shooter/beat-em-up that failed to provide any enjoyment. Not to forget the player character that vaguely resembled Arnie and the horrible and drab environments and background score.

  1. Saw


The 2004 slasher flick ‘Saw’ was sure a refreshing entry in the almost defunct film genre that spawned a new-generation of torture-horror movies. This not only made the series a cult classic, but also revitalized the genre. However, it’s game adaptation was nothing short of a digital torture device that would leave gamers bewildered with sore thumbs and no rewards. Most gameplay involved the character trying to solve Jigsaw killer’s puzzles and occasional boss fights with repetitive gameplay topped with bad controls that put most players to sleep.

  1. Evil Dead Hail to The King


The original Evil Dead movie looks funny now, but it is still considered to be one of the greatest horror/slasher movies ever. The plot and the narrative would’ve been perfect for a great game, but unfortunately all hopes were lost with Evil Dead Hail to The King for the PS1. Even if you disregard the game’s low-fi graphics, slow gameplay, poor enemy design and difficulty made it exactly what fans and gamers didn’t ask for. At the end, you’d rather pray that you literally get possessed by a demon and lose all consciousness.

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  1. The Crow


If you want to play a game that is pure frustration without any reward, The Crow: City of Angels is the right choice for you. Released on Sega Saturn, PS1 and PC this game is one of the most lackluster games you can get your hands on. The controls are irresponsive beyond redemption and hit detection is literally non-existent. To top it off, the game uses one of the worst background scores to have ever been created in a punishingly endless loop.

  1. Street Fighter the Movie: The Game


What happens when you turn a game into a movie and back? Well, Street Fighter the Movie: The Game will show you exactly that, and it’s certainly not a pretty sight. It would’ve been somehow okay for viewers to see a somewhat okay take at one of the greatest fighting games by Hollywood. But when a game based on the movie characters was launched, all hell broke loose. Not only the game looked horrible, but the gameplay wasn’t nearly as smooth and engaging as the original, pissing of long-time fans and gamers in general.

Although we’ve only listed eight, you know that there’s more where this garbage comes from. These titles not only failed as standalone games, but clearly failed to even attempt the depth portrayed in the movies they were derived from. We would advise you to stay off these games if you want to keep your sanity or screen intact.

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