Friday Essentials: World’s Tiniest Gadgets

Sometimes, with human brain and intelligence, we come up with lots of innovative ideas, and when these ideas are shared to the world, some of them might think it as an impossible one. But, not everything is impossible in this world. With hard work, and dedication anything could be achieved.

Talking about innovations, what could be the smallest gadget you can think of?

Yes, you might not be aware of that. With the rapidly growing digital world, there are several organizations working day and night, wanting the world to know about some rare innovations by them. To focus on their innovations, today, in this article we will be talking about some of the world’s tiniest and smallest gadgets, that are not so popular around the globe but actually exists and are useful for future.

World’s Tiniest Gadgets

1. World’s Smallest PC

Worlds Smallest PC

This year, at IBM Think 2018, company unveiled world’s smallest PC. It is smaller than the size of salt grains. Well, size doesn’t matter, this PC comes with X86 computing chip, which was used in 90s by Intel, Cyrix, AMD and several other manufacturers.

The manufacturing cost of world’s smallest PC by IBM is less than 10 cents. IBM is also working on implanting these chips in every day mandatory devices such as mobile phones, watches, shoes and more. This chip comes loaded with thousands of transistors that will help in monitoring and analyzing data.

This chip can also work with Blockchain technology. It can be used as data source for Blockchain based applications and platforms. Well, the date for release is not yet declared. We can expect it till the end of next year.

2. World’s Smallest Camera

World Smallest Camera


It’s an incredible tiny masterpiece innovation by Hammacher Schlemmer, an American retailer company. Mini DV camera is a mini fingertip camera that comes in variants such as 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. It is a 2-megapixel camera with resolution 1600 X 1200. It can record videos as well of resolution 640 x 480. The company has given it an DSLR look, so that it looks like an actual camera. Well, it is available at several e-commerce sites priced around $100 USD.

3. World’s Smallest Arcade Gaming System

Smallest Arcade Gaming System

If you were born in 90s or earlier, then you might have tried your hands-on arcade gaming system. Well, the smallest version of an arcade gaming system is out there in the market, namely Nanoarcade. You can install games directly from your PC or Mac to this epic gaming handheld console for arcade gaming. It has 3 variants, namely, Retro, War and Race.

It took 18 months for the developers to come up with the device. It is easily available on many retailers. So, what are waiting for, go get your mini arcade gaming system now and get back to childhood to feel the nostalgia and pump in your blood.

4. World’s Smallest Laptop

Smallest Laptop

Yes, this is world’s smallest laptop till date that is available for sale. It is named GPD Pocket: 7.0′ UMPC-Laptop, which comes with 7-inch touchscreen display, 1920 X 1200 resolution, 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM and Windows 10 installed. It looks like a compressed MacBook, with multiple features. The Pocket comes with USB-C port for charging, data transfer and display output. It also has a standard USB-A 3.0, and Micro-HDMI port. With the help of HDMI, you can even display the output to a full 30-inch monitor as well. However, if you are a traveler, this gadget can be useful for you.

People are working cats and dogs, wanting the world to know the importance of their work. Similarly, there are organizations, who created some of the world’s tiniest gadgets that can be used for future. These are some of the world’s smallest gadgets that you need to know about to stay updated for the future. These gadgets are available for sale at several retailers. These gadgets are an innovation and an answer to the phrase that nothing is impossible in this rapidly growing digital world.

If you know some other tiny gadgets, please be happy to share with us in the given comment section. Your feedback is valuable.

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