9 World-Class Museums To Visit Online While Stuck At Home

Fond of old stories or artefacts but cannot visit the museums around the world whether it is ]budget constraint or restrictions during the quarantine phase? No matter what it is, Google Arts and Culture have pledged to take you on tour around the world’s most amazing museums without leaving the comfort of your bed and cozy cushions. Apart from it, the museum websites are also holding up with the detailed virtual tour.

Art lovers can view terrific installations, paintings, sculptures and explore a new side within them with these inspirations. Yes, these virtual museum tours are no less than reality. Without spilling all the beans right here, let’s walk through the gorgeous world-class museums right here.

World-Class Virtual Museum Tours


1. The Louvre


Location: Paris

Famous For: Former Royal palace for French kings and now home for famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa.

Collection: Egyptian antiquities, remains of Louvre’s moat, Decorative arts gallery

Visit: The Louvre

The Louvre

If you love artwork, architecture and landscape, this virtual museum tour is all you need. From history to the restoration of fire burnt walls, Michelangelo’s work to Vinci’s classy style, everything here makes it a world-class museum. Many significant events in European history, stories of king Louis XVI and dramatic exhibitions could be found here.

The Louvre


2. British Museum


Location: London

Famous For: The Rosetta Stone, The Portland Vase, The Cat Mummies

Collection: 2 million years of history, art and culture around the world

Visit: British Museum

British Museum

This virtual art museum tour lands you on a page where history could be read for days. Divided into Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, you are drawn towards respected colored dots. Tap on any one of them and understand the respective as well as parallel development of history, art and culture in different continents. This is a soothing representation and best way to learn the virtual art museum tour.

British Museum


3. Guggenheim Museum


Location: New York

Famous for: Architect Frank Llyod Wright’s masterpiece

Collection: Galleries for contemporary and modern art

Visit: Guggenheim

Guggenheim Museum

This virtual museum tour is taking you to an architectural masterpiece, designed by Frank Llyod. This museum tour is probably going to inspire photographers and architects who can view space utilization with a creative outlook. Some of the collections are available online, so that you can find your favorite artists, impressive blogs and other publications.

Guggenheim Museum


4. National Museum Of Natural History


Location: Washington

Famous For: Complete skeleton of T-Rex

Collections: Rich and rare botanical species, bone hall, butterfly pavilion, hall of fossils, Human origins, Mega-tooth shark, Insect zoo, Ocean hall, Garden lounge

Visit: National Museum Of Natural History

National Museum Of Natural History

When you think of taking a virtual museum tour of the National museum of natural history, make sure you have enough time to immerse yourself. Yes, the collection is huge, and you would be stunned to find how nature changed with the passage of time. Species you have never heard of before, the real skeleton of T-Rex, stories of sea monsters, and most importantly, you can learn about the epidemics of connected worlds or viruses outbreaks from old times.

National Museum Of Natural History


5. The Vatican Museums


Location: Vatican City

Famous For: Michelangelo’s ceiling in Sistine’s Chapel

Collections: Sculptures, paintings, inscriptions on a vast scale

Visit: The Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museums

An extensive collection divided into 54 galleries, this virtual art museum tour is taking you to collections beginning from the 15th century. A huge collection of modern religious arts, tombstone, famous spiral staircase, gallery of maps, and more are available for you to explore. Art lovers, this virtual museum tour is a mind blowing way to enjoy your idle time at home.

The Vatican Museums


6. Museu de arte de São Paulo


Location: Brazil

Famous for: Hanging style of painting exhibitions

Collections: Comprehensive collection of Western art including paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings and decorative arts

Visit: MASP

Museu de arte de São Paulo

Founded in 1947, this Brazilian museum compiles the modern artwork where French and Italian schools are mostly well represented. Apart from the same, how Brazilian art developed and its evolution could be seen through the virtual art museum tour.  That artwork which is hard to find anywhere else, could be seen here, including non-western civilization from various periods.

Museu de arte de São Paulo




Location: Langley Research Center, Virginia & Glenn Research Center, Ohio

Famous For: Space exploration

Collections: Glenn hangar, Ballistic impact lab, Wind speed tunnel, Propulsion system laboratory, Icing research tunnel, Electric propulsion and power laboratory

Visit: NASA


Don’t want to try any artwork, but Science is your real passion? Well, NASA would love to give you a virtual museum tour of most of the exciting places where you may want to explore and even work in future. From hangar to speed tunnel, your theory can be converted into reality. Take this virtual tour and make your scientific minds happiest.



8. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art


Location: Korea

Famous For: History and progress of Korean contemporary art

Collections: History, architecture, craft, paintings, installations

Visit: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Securing the culture of Korea with great care, the virtual museum tour takes you down the lane of modern art, calligraphy, literature, art history, and much more in the open green landscape around. This virtual art museum tour is capable of providing not only historical analysis but also allows you to form opinions for the next 50 years. Ready for it?

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art


9. Rijksmuseum


Location: Amsterdam

Famous For: Milkmaid by Vermeer & Rembrandt’s Night Watch

Collections: Architectural masterpiece, 8000 storytelling objects, paintings

Visit: Rijksmuseum


Dedicated to art and history, this Dutch virtual museum tour is as beautiful as walking in the real. There are so many stories hidden in the tour, just tap on each and learn the details behind every object present inside it. Explore the collection of Baroque, Netherlands, Dutch golden age and designs by Reinier Vinkeles.



We are so sure that one or more than one of the world-class virtual museum tours has blown your minds by now. For me, the National Museum of Natural History was one such experience. Now we would like to know which one was most interesting for you? Let us know in the comments below and enjoy your idle time doing something which you have never thought of before.


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