Windows 10 Overhauls Its Tools With The New Features

Windows 10 comes with a lot of inbuilt apps or native apps since the beginning. However, with every upgrade and update, it has added or excluded some apps. Some of the features for which you might have known Windows for, now cease to exist. However, these Windows features are not totally removed, there are replaced with new tools and features on Windows 10. You can also call them a revamped version of the old tools.

Let’s take a look at the Windows features or tools which are replaced by new features on Windows 10 with latest updates.

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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

With Windows 10, Microsoft Internet Explorer was put on the back burner and microsoft Edge was introduced. Earlier the former was the default browser for Windows since 95. The browser was used popularly for some time. With the 5th and 6th version, a lot of security issues were noticed, and Microsoft didn’t fix. With the release of Firefox, Chrome and Safari, people had alternatives and switched instantly. Microsoft tried to make a comeback with IE7 but it was late.

The latest version of IE i.e. IE11, is pretty good, however, steering users back to IE seemed to be an impossible task. Therefore, Microsoft thought to come up with something new, hence Microsoft Edge was introduced as a default browser.

Now you must be thinking, why IE is still the part of Windows 10? Well, it is true that it is no longer the default browser for Windows 10 but it still has a purpose. As IE supports various outdated technologies, including ActiveX, which are still used by internal business websites built a decade ago. Moreover, IE11 comes with a setting which renders pages for archaic sites

 Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is a great utility tool which helps you to take screenshots, whether you want to capture a snap of full screen, custom “snip.”With Windows 10 1809 upgrade, Windows introduced Snip & Sketch, which offers the same features along with some additional features.

Snipping Tool-1

You can launch Snip & Sketch and snip or press Windows, Shift and S keys together to get an option to snip the screen. You can also click Screen Snip button from Action Center.

Hologram App

Hologram App

Hologram app is now replaced with Mixed Reality Viewer. With the app, you can see 3 D objects by using community, mixed into real surroundings via the camera of your PC. It is easy and fun. It is a great tool to use when you want to visualize space and dimension or add some fun to your photos and more.

Companion Device Dynamic lock APIS

Companion device framework APIs allow wearables and other devices to unlock PC. With Windows 10 1709 version, it was replaced by Dynamic Lock, which comes with an inbox method using Bluetooth to identify if a user is near, lock & unlock PC accordingly.

One Sync Service

One sync service is no longer included with Windows 10. Instead, Microsoft has added sync engine to Outlook app that offers the same synchronization

Outlook Express

Outlook Express has been the email client since 1997 which came with IE version 4 to 6. It was hooked with the obsolete Windows Messenger on Windows XP. It was the email application but was definitely not apt for today’s time. First came Windows Mail with the launch of Windows Vista.  Windows Mail was not completely a part of IE. Then in  2007 came Windows Live Mail, which was free, It was the replacement of Windows Mail on Windows Vista and Outlook Express on Windows XP.

Then came Outlook which is available on the Web. It is one of the recent successors of Outlook Express.

Backup & Restore

Backup and Restore was launched with Windows Vista in 2007. As we all know how important it is to backup your computer, therefore the feature when announced allured a lot of Windows users’ attention. It used to enable users to backup individual folders or capture system image of your Windows settings. Although now there are a lot of popular options available to take backup of your data, people usually prefer default option.

Having said that, backup and restore tool was not that great as it didn’t use to recreate your file hierarchy for easy access. instead, it made a single container, which can only be retrieved by the same program. This made the work complicated. Therefore Windows hid the feature and introduced File History. File History creates copies all files every hour, which provides enough opportunities to reverse time and get older versions of your files back when needed.

Backup & Restore exists in Windows 10 but is not a highlighted feature. If you don’t want to lose your files, or when your hard drives die, you should have an option to get your files back

Windows Games

Windows Games was introduced in 2007 with Windows Vista. It was a collection of features and the ultimate place to manage your games. It included content ratings, box art, and quick links to audio/video settings, publisher information, and more. In this way, you had everything related to your game at a single place.

Additional Tip :-

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The tool provides a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. User can switch between a game and other apps on the desktop without any performance degradation.

Along with this, default games such as Minesweeper, Solitaire and Hearts were also removed from the new version of Windows. Instead, they offered a new Metro app which comes with a lot of ads and you need to purchase the app to get rid of them.  This seems very disappointing.

Wrap Up:

Well, these were some of the Windows features which were over the years replaced with the new tools on Windows 10. Some of them are worthy, some are not necessary. However, Microsoft is still sticking to a lot of old tools such as IE, Control Panel, in spite of announcing the new revamped tools according to the interface. It is speculated that Control Panel, IE, Taskbar and some other legacy tools would be dropped, but who knows, Microsoft might still hang on to them.

Which old tool do you miss? Which Windows Feature you think is obsolete enough to be dropped from the next upgrade? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Bob Farrell
    The compose messaging capability in Gmail is ridiculous. There seems to no way to format unless you go to Edge and learn how to do it. I suspect, Google is refusing to pay for the real thing. I would regain some loyalty to Google if there were a way to do a simple message as before.

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