Windows 10 Browser/Search Engine Recommendation Pop-ups – How To Stop Them?

Microsoft has adopted a new attitude toward promoting its browser Edge and search engine Bing by sending pop-ups on Windows 10 PC. Many users have complained that they are getting annoying pop-ups repeatedly with suggestions to alter the default browser and search engine to Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Bing respectively. These pop -ps are only visible to those who do not have these Microsoft products as default and prefer using third-party browsers and search engines especially Google.

Microsoft Bing

The pop-ups are generated on a Windows 10 PC with the help of the built-in notification center. These pop-ups not only advertise Microsoft‘s products but also describe the benefits of using these products and switching them to default.

One of the first forums where these pop-ups were noted is Reddit where users have complained about getting repeated popups stating ”Microsoft recommends different browser settings. Want to change them?”. The benefits of the switch are described as 1) Search that gives back time and money and 2) Fast and secure search results with Bing. This is followed by two buttons: Yes, Change Settings, and Maybe Later. A click on the first button will alter your default browser to Edge while a click on the second button will let you operate with your current settings.


As far as the search engine is concerned, there is an ad released that promotes the MSN news feed of Bing explaining how secure it is and the other ad informs users of the Microsoft Rewards feature that is available only in a few select countries for now.

These pop-ups can be easily dismissed by clicking the ’Maybe Later’ button but the question is “ How many times do I have to click it in a day?”. To get rid of this pop-up permanently, you can either click on ‘Yes, Change settings’ and set Microsoft products as default or continue using your third-party products and turn off the Edge Feature recommendations. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the Edge Browser and type the following code in the address bar.


Note: You can copy this code from here and paste it in the address bar followed by Enter.

Step 2: Next, click on the drop-down button next to the ‘Show Feature & Workflow Recommendations’ and select Disabled.


Once done, close the Edge browser and smile, for you will not be seeing those annoying pop-ups anymore.

This is a surprise step taken by Microsoft to promote its products and services. A new major update is all geared to launch in the fall which is code-named Sun Valley. Let us wait and watch for what changes will be introduced after this update.

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