Will Windows 10 Put a Leash on their Automatic Updates?

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If you use Windows 10, you must’ve surely been blindsided by Windows’ dreaded ‘Automatic Updates’. However, in the recent turn of events it was revealed that Microsoft has finally decided to tone down their relentless update pushing. This feature was met with immense user criticism and was being stated as the bane of Windows 10.

The Problem

Sure, Windows 10 is a superb operating system. But it’s still full of pesky annoyances that distracts users from time to time. And amidst these Automatic Updates face the most outrage. This involves windows slyly downloading automatic updates and restarting the computer at will, regardless of what you’re doing on it. Users are usually taken by surprise as they never get a chance to save their ongoing work. Moreover, these updates also take an unusually long time to install, rendering computers inoperable for 10 mins to over an hour.

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A Possible Solution?

As per various sources, it was revealed that with their spring update, users will no longer be able to ignore any updates. However, users will also be provided with full control to download and install these updates whenever they feel like. Currently, users are notified about any updates in quite a discreet fashion, which is often ignored. If the updates are ignored for long, the computer takes full control to download and install these updates without the user knowing, finally restarting the system to finish updates. With the new fixes, Windows 10 users will now be greeted by a large notification on system start with three options to choose from. You could either restart the system, choose your preferred restart time or snooze it. This also brings to notice that Windows will continue downloading these automatic updates without user intervention. However, there will be no time limit for you to make your choice. Also upon choosing the Snooze option, system restart can be indefinitely delayed with occasional prompts.

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The ‘Snooze’ Button

Pressing Snooze first time will delay updates for the next 3 days, which can be similarly delayed for a period up to 35 days. After 35 days, you can still delay updates indefinitely by choosing ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’, every time you use the computer.

After All, Updates Are Your Friend

While most users have shown positive response to this much needed bugfix by Microsoft, some fear that this would increase the number of pesky notifications. Nevertheless, users must also remember that updates are essential part of a healthy system and not installing them will only create more problems for them. This also shows that the officials at Microsoft are certainly paying attention to user feedback and working accordingly to make their products better.


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