Will Technology Transform Us Into Cyborgs?

Are you a cyborg? Well, you might deny, but if you have your smartphone glued to your hand and have been wearing a smart device, then we believe you are partly a cyborg! Not convinced? But why not? Cyborgs, according to definition, are beings with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. If we are not mistaken that is what your smartphone and wearables are helping you with!

Whether you like it or not, this might get enhanced and become a part of our race in the upcoming years. The reason behind this is that we have developed almost everything artificial. We have pacemakers, artificial stomachs, bionic muscles, cochlear implants, and what not! If the technology and biomedical field keep improvising like this, then within a few years, there will be at least one artificial implant in human body!


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But what has led to this conclusion? Well, there are not one but many technologies that have the potential for the same. Let’s take a read and know about at least a few of them!

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Artificial Stomach

It was in 2006, when the first ever artificial stomach was introduced. It was made up from highly sophisticated metals that could stand the corrosive enzymes and acids of our body. It physically stimulates digestion and is used for the therapy of obese people. For them, this extraordinary device can be used to formulate nutrient rich food that will make the sufferer think that (s)he is full. They are not yet popular among the masses, but can act as testbed for the study of various diseases.

Artificial Lung

artificial lung

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This image looks scary, isn’t it? But soon enough, we’ll be capable of living with artificial lungs as well. Obviously, it won’t have a plant in it! However, the experts have come up with an artificial lung that can help us survive in harsh environmental condition. Nowadays, the patients with lung failure are bedridden, but soon enough, they too will be able to wander freely. For those who think it is similar to pacemaker, it is not! The only job of heart is to pump blood, but the lungs have highly complicated task. Although it needs improvements but still we are close enough to develop an artificial lung as well.

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Cochlear Implants

This is already available, and unlike the standard hearing aids, this implant bypasses the damaged parts of ear and stimulates hearing nerves with electrical signals. The people who had to suffer because of their hearing disability and were dragged to a quieter world can also enjoy music and opera now! This has started gaining popularity and people are getting benefitted. Possibly in near future, nobody will be deaf!

Bionic Eye Implant

blonic eye implant

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A considerate percentage of people across the world from full or partial blindness. After extensive research, the professionals have come up with bionic eye implant that can aid them. However, it is not quite helpful for people who are entirely visually impaired, but they can help people who up to certain level of blindness.

Bionic Arm And Leg

After years of research, the invention of bionic arm and legs were also possible. These artificial devices can easily detect when the wearer wants to wake up, make a move or do anything that needs their activation. It acts accordingly and are controlled by the sensors that are being attached to the brain.

These are a few of the innumerable cyborgs-esque technologies that might become our daily life acquaintance soon.

As for now, we are waiting for the technologies to be developed so that we can get transformed into a cyborg community altogether. Till then, these can be used and deployed by the people who genuinely need them and not because it is in trend!

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