Will Laptops defined as Fashion Statements in Future

Stephen Hawking, as we all know is a patient of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and also we all know about his computer which has made his life easier consisting of many different functions. Intel deserves a hats off for such a great invention in 1997.

If in the year 1997 Intel was able to manufacture such a device, what it would produce in 2025! Every year the world is seeing a group of Passionate Intellectuals in Science and Technology being graduated and coming to field to develop something new of their creative ideas and making the performing of day to day work in our life more easy.

So, just let’s think how are computers would be after some years. Due to the constant developments being made in the nanotechnology and because of the inventions in the field of Chip designing we have moved from electricity run, non-portable, huge-sized computer systems to battery operated, portable, sleek and light weighted laptops.

Future War: Laptops versus Smartphones. Who is going to win?

This is the most talked about topic for the companies who are researching on future technologies of the Computing and for the people whose use of systems doesn’t involve any heavy Software.

To both of them, the use and need of Computers will never die. There is a very considerable section of society, who are working on serious contents, developments, experimentations, researches and more such kind of jobs where they need complex software, to which our smartphones are yet not compatible with.

Hence, Computers are there to stay. And especially after the technological development we are predicting in Computers, no one would want them to be replaced. The question of Laptops versus Smartphones may lead to an invention that could make our Laptops as Smart Laptops.

Smart Laptops: An outcome of the Future War!!

Yes, that is how the future generation laptops will be called as per our prediction.

When laptops were invented it came as boon for the corporate people who use to face challenges in the work while travelling. Smart phones have their own benefits and is favorite among the people yet for business works it doesn’t have that much support in its’ Operating System.

What if we say that we can manufacture a laptop that could be as small as a cell phone or as sleek as a pen we keep in our pockets or could be like which can be folded up as a handkerchief and kept in the purse or bag. We are sure that we would get millions of advance booking for it.

We predict that the features of smart phone like: Small size that could be fitted in hand, Wireless Charging or Solar Charging, Very Light weighted and much more will be soon available in the traditional laptops changing them completely and giving them a new outlook. These so much liked features of the smart phones have actually forced the Top notch laptop companies to do researches on inclusion of such and many other features in the laptops and entering a whole new Era of Computing.

So, let’s have a look at some features or at the new look of our future Smart Laptops:

  • Pen Laptops: This would be the best feature among all the new features giving our laptops a completely different look. And increasing the use of it among the people too many folds. Such laptops would be like a Pen which could be kept in Pockets. Such laptops would soon become the first choice for the Marketing Personnel.

Well, talking about their functionality of how they would work as Computers or Laptops, these would have the projection feature which would project the screen and the keyboard either by voice command or by the click of the button.

pen laptops future

  • World wrapped on Hand: Well this type of laptop could be given other names also but We prefer it to call as “Watch Laptops” owing to the way it is carried. This would be like a watch which could be worn on your wrist and will rid you of your bulky laptop bags and obviously will save you from buying Branded watches and as your laptop would do that work. This would be made of flexible OLED screens with the display all around it. It may include the projection for Keyboard and Display to work in the way of Traditional Laptop.


World wrapped on Hand Future Technology

  • Encyclopedia Glass: It would be a Laptop which would look like a look through Glass with a frame. We would prefer to name it so, as it would function as the one. It would have cameras all over the surface and the internet connectivity and just bring anything in its frame and you would be fed back by all the information about it. Well that actually makes surfing easy.


Encyclopedia Glass


  • Mat Laptop / Laptop Chart: This would be a great development in the field of the Computing Technology. It would be so great if our laptops could be rolled up like a mat or chart paper. The portability increasing to great amounts as it would occupy very less space in your bag. The added cherry on the cake would be if its height will be of a bottle so, we could keep them in the bottle pockets of our backpacks.


laptop chart

  • Dual Functionality Laptops: People always prefer things with dual functionality. Dual Functionality laptops would obviously have one purpose of working as a Laptop but the other purposes could vary according to the need and use of the person. For girls it could have a makeup kit attached which could be flipped out on press of button. For fragrance lovers it could have the pores which infuses the selected fragrances in the near environment. For parents it would come with Bluetooth cameras to keep an eye on their children in their rooms. For fitness freaks it would come with the weight machine feature and bands to check their body parameters


Future Laptop Dual Functionality Laptops

  • Friend in disguise of Computers: We are predicting that soon computers would have sensors that would be able to read our expressions and moods, and would play some songs as per the mood or will display some quotes to encourage us when we are feeling down or will display some jokes when we are sad. Well this would be a very great accomplishment as this is something done by our friends


Friend in disguise of Computers

  • Copy with a flick: Copy with a flick feature could be very beneficial but could become a great loss for the Pen Drive market. This feature would be such that you would be able to copy the data from one system to other just by the flick. Just open the data in one system and by keeping the finger anywhere on the view of data flick it towards the other system’s screen and it would be copied in the other system


Copy with a flick

  • Wireless Charging: As computers would take the outlook of phones this feature of phone is possible to be seen in the Smart Laptops.


Wireless Charging laptops

These were some of the features that we predict would soon be seen in the laptops. We don’t know what’s hidden in the box of technology or what research and experiments the Highly Intellectual people in the Industry are doing in their labs. We may or may not see these features but one thing is sure 10 years down the lane the Laptops will be very different from the present ones as we are moving towards a new era of technology. Hence, we are anxiously waiting to see these New Laptops.

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