Will Cloud-Centric World Become A Threat To Network Attached Storage?

Without a blink we can say that with upgrading technology, our lives have got better but there are some important devices that have served us well in the past and are now phasing out. Is the fate of NAS similar? Will it get lost in the darkness along with all our outdated gadgets? Well, read further and get enlightened of same!

What Is NAS Device?

Network Attached Device is a storage device that is connected to a network. It allows storage and data access to and from a centralized location for authorized network users. The users may be administrator, a part of network or heterogeneous clients that seek services. NAS device is preferred because it is scalable and flexible that means in case you need extra space you can get the same. As it is not an uphill task to do, majority of organizations used to opt this. It is similar to having a private cloud that can give you complete control, is faster, inexpensive compared to other methods and being scalable opens up a whole new horizon.

What Is NAS Device

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Simply put, cloud computing is a technology that has gained popularity by providing computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and many others over the Internet. With this, you can either build a private, public, or hybrid cloud that can make your work faster. However, you need to make sure that you are connected to Internet the entire time.

What Is Cloud Computing

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Why is the Comparison Being Made?

As both of these can be used for storage, there is an endless debate going on to find if the local external storages are better or cloud should be used and implemented right away. Some experts say that we should stick to NAS devices as you don’t have to worry about bandwidth and Internet connection all the time. However, other convey that we should upgrade our practices as if we’ll not, we may stay behind in the race of corporates. If we analyze this matter, then use of cloud of NAS depends on the work that you are indulged in. There is no hard and fast rule to this!

Why is the Comparison Being Made

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Why is it Hard to Make A Decision?

There are various reasons because of which professionals cannot choose one, take a read to know more:


The professionals do not use cloud because they do not want the third-party service providers to store their data. Other reason is that they are not sure will the data stay secure once it’s accessible online.



NAS devices are a onetime investment. On the flip side, to access cloud you need to pay each month unless you have subscribed for yearly subscriptions.


Ease of use

Although the NAS devices have been improvised a lot and are much easier to access, they can still not match the level of cloud yet.


Backup and reliability

If the NAS device you own has slots for more than one hard drive, then you have a built-in solution. On the other hand, using cloud makes sure that none of your data is lost if you are paying for the same timely.



This directly depends on speed of network and amount of data you are using. If you use cloud for this then the speed of data transfer will be equivalent to upload speed of your connected. But when you use NAS, data transfer can be done via ethernet as well.


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Are We Ready to Take the Next Step?

This mind-boggling question has been giving sleepless nights to professionals. On one hand we are looking forward to upgrading with the technology, on other we struggle to do so. The reason behind this embarrassing situation is inequality in bandwidth available. Not every country enjoys same bandwidth and thus you cannot expect every user to be on same page. It entirely depends on the work that users do.

What Should Be Done?

Instead of migrating to cloud without calculating the  feasibility and suffering major loss later, we can stick to NAS devices until necessary. When time comes and you are ready with software, manpower and skills, you can opt for cloud services. Till then, your NAS will serve you accurately.

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