Why YouTube Premium is the New Cool?

In very recent scenarios, you would have noticed the popping option for using YouTube Premium that offers 1-month free trial while using your phone device or desktop. Yes, it is becoming a new sensation within many people around the world.

You must be wondering why should I even download it when simply YouTube is present on my phone. But wait then, you must be looking for various reasons why?

Why YouTube Premium is the New Cool

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is the paid membership feature that provides its users with certain added features to enhance the overall experience of watching the same YouTube you have been using since now.

Available free of cost for a month trial, it costs $11.99 per month from May 2019.

Why Should I Choose YouTube Premium?

Why should I choose YouTube Premium

If you think why should I pay money if YouTube is already free then you need to read more.

1. YouTube without Ads is Amazing

If you are a regular YouTube user, you must be aware of so many advertisements. Yes, they are a little annoying and so YouTube Premium brings you ad-free experiences.

Not just this, you can watch these ad-free videos not just on phone or desktop but also on smart TVs or set-top box.

No more pause, no interruptions, and the videos keep on going till you literally want to end them.

2. Save for Offline Use

In case you don’t have an unlimited data plan, no worries! You can save your data plan along with full coverage of unlimited videos with the Premium plan.

Now you will get a download icon below every video where you can click and save for later. Watch them when free or maybe in between work hours, hurray!

3. Premium Runs in the Background Too

While you are using your phone, listening to songs, and your friend needs your reply back on SMS soon, the audio will keep going at the background, so as your SMSing!

Usually, YouTube stops playing the audio once you flip between various apps but that is not the case with YouTube Premium. Shuffle anywhere but your phone will keep on playing the audio. Isn’t that great?

4. Enjoy Free YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music

YouTube Premium and Google Play Music users have got a plus status here! They can enjoy ad-free and millions of songs experience on both apps with one easy subscription.

Google Play Music is quite as interesting as Spotify with thousands of uploads. And now you get to enjoy it for free.

It has also been said by the experts that the space between the two apps will be filled in the near future.

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5. Explore YouTube Original Content

The list of advantages doesn’t end if you get something unique and creative at the platform. And with YouTube Premium, you can be sure of original series, performances by artists, surprising videos, movies and much more that you can think of.

It is beautiful watching something new every day and this is what YouTube Premium is offering its subscribers.

The Premium Conclusion

The Premium Conclusion

Before moving ahead to subscription, YouTube is offering 1-month free trial to all the users in around 50 countries. So, if you still have a few questions about the pros of Premium, download it today! Enjoy the free session and we believe you would switch to the upgraded YouTube Premium for sure.

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