Why should You use a VPN?

VPN aka Virtual Private Network, acts as an invisible barricade between your system & internet network in order to shield your browsing activities. All the data which sails between your system, phone or tablet and VPN server stays securely encrypted. Now, I am sure this question is surely running through your mind, “Why should I use a VPN?” “Is it of any good for me?”. Well, the answer is affirmative! As most of our time is often spent on public networks, be it our workplace, restaurants, subway stations etc.  the need for using VPS has outgrown drastically. In simple terms, VPN safeguards and encrypts your communications while using an untrusted public network. Not only this, but there are far more reasons why VPN becomes essential to secure your digital life.

First, let’s start from the scratch and understand how does a VPN network actually work.

How does a VPN work?

Usually, when we hook up to internet it initially connects us to an ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider which further connects us to the website we need to visit. So basically it acts as a channel wherein all our internet traffic flows.

Where as in the case of a VPN network, instead of ISP a VPN server strongly secures all our communication. All data & information remains consistently encrypted throughout the session, only the VPN server can “see” it.

6 Reasons why you should use a VPN

Agree or not! But there are people online who know what you do online, keep a track of all places you visit, where you Dine-All of it! Even if you have used Internet once, it creates your online identity-whether you like it or not. Many of the risks we encounter in the online world occur when a faraway attacker tries to breach our security. Here are a few reasons why VPN’s are essential-

  • Wi-Fi Security

 If you’re an internet lover and can’t resist using public Wi-Fi networks like the ones used inside airports and cafes, a VPN will surely keep your details secure, hiding you behind a layer of encryption thereby making it impossible for hackers to access your personal data.

  • Maintains Anonymity

VPN maintains a strong level of anonymity by concealing your online identity over the web. They also prevent your ISP from tracking your activities and allowing you to visit websites that aren’t allowed in your country.

  • Safe Downloading

C’mon let’s be honest! We all use torrents to download our favorite movies and TV shows. Well, in this case VPN might be very useful as it would make it much harder for your ISP to track down that you are the one downloading torrents.

  • Private Browsing

Did you know while using public Wi-Fi networks all your browsing activities remain easily visible to everyone nearby? Don’t be traumatized! As VPN can help you protect your privacy by encrypting all your important data by keeping it totally confidential.

  • The boom of Netflix

A lot of people in the past few years have become familiar with VPN’s thanks to Netflix. How it works was simple: You simply need to install a VPN, activate it and the moment you know, you’re watching US Netflix on your system. But before you start fantasizing any more, a few of VPN providers have been banned by the US government, which angered a lot of people lately.

  • Cloud Storage Solutions

Online storage solutions like Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive do a decent amount of work securing your files on their servers. However, when the files are in transit, that’s another issue altogether. Use a VPN to add extra encryptions to your cloud storage upload and downloads.

Here were a few reasons why VPS’s are essential to protect our private life. Imagine like this, going online without a VPN is like walking down the streets wearing a shirt which prints your name, age, address and all your personal info. Unless you decide to protect yourself, you lose bits and pieces of information each time you surf the web. So it’s time to take control as-

“You might think that you have nothing to hide, but the fact is there is everything which needs to be protected!”

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