Why Pay for Electricity, When Nature is giving it for free?

Picture this, we are in the year 2026. And my friend is telling me about her meeting with their architect, a couple of days ago. They are getting their farmhouse built for which they have gone to finalize the design, materials and all related things. They have selected latest trends for everything in their house, as we all would do. Like latest furniture, latest home appliances, latest security alarms. And yes! Not to forget the latest building structure different from those cuboidal one, as we are seeing these days. All geometrical figures have come alive in the houses and buildings. And they have finalized a design of home seeming like a sun rising between the two hills. Wow! That’s interesting.

The odd part of their meeting with the architect was when the architect asked them “Do you want a billed electricity connection or non-billed?”.

And my phone rang. And I was brought back to reality. A “Non-Billed Electricity Connection”! Very strange indeed. Do we really have anything like that?

I realized, this could be a question we may face in our future. Though we do not have a non-billed electricity connection at present. But as I have said in my previous blogs, Technology is evolving at a great pace and in all domains. And these recent developments are towards making us more Eco Friendly. So, it may happen that after some years scientists would have developed a technology for Non-Billable Eco-Friendly Power Supply.

Here, I would like to share just a thought of mine about how actually I predict this Non-Billed Power Supply will work like. When we say that something is non-billed it means that it is free of cost. So, a non- billed electricity connection would be something which is generated using the nature’s resource at our own homes. Definitely that could not be coal or nuclear substances. And I am not talking about those even, as you would have to purchase them. I am talking about Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Energy and sources like that.

Let me tell you about the details of how I predict this non-billed powered houses will be. The houses which generate electricity on their own for power supply of their own house will be called as Non-Billed Powered Houses. These houses would be generating electricity using the solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy and piezo-electric crystals.


A Home with a sloping terrace which can generate electricity using Solar Energy, Water from Rains and Wind Energy. And the flooring of the house done in a way that it has piezo electric crystals embedded in its floor in places where there would be maximum movements by the people of the house. The house would also have the facility of rain water harvesting. The detailed description about developing this idea in the house is listed as below:

Terrace Electricity Generating Equipment:

  1. The equipment which would be installed on terraces for generating electricity could be of a shape of the windmill fan mounted on an adjustable rod with adjustable blades.
  2. The elongated part of the blade would be made up of solar panels.
  3. Such small fans would be fitted on the whole terrace at the calculated distances so, that they don’t collide with each other while rotating.
  4. We could even have the floors of the terrace made up of insulated solar panels.
  5. On a good weather day when you have a bright sun and normal winds blowing. These fans could be raised from the terrace floors and the blades should be at their maximum length. The part of the blades comprising of solar panel and the solar panel floor would generate electricity using Solar Energy. Due to winds the fan would have some rotation and this rotation would generate electricity using the wind energy.
  6. For a windy day, again we can keep the fans in the same position as before. The maximum electricity generation would be because of the wind energy. And the solar energy is always there so, some part of electricity would be due to the Solar energy.
  7. On a rainy day we would have to keep the fans near to the surface and the blades to their minimum length. The water from the top of the terrace would flow down and these fans would function as turbines. They would start rotating because of the falling water and electricity would be generated because of the hydro energy.




Rain Water Harvesting:

Rain water harvesting is storing of the rain water and using it for works which do not require a completely purified water. For this we could have pipes at the sloping end of the terrace. The water would be collected in it and will be taken to the tank which stores the rain water. At the top of the tank a turbine could be attached. So, the falling water would make the turbine to rotate and the electricity would be generated. And the water would be collected in the tank, which could be utilized for some household activities like watering plants, washing vehicles etc.


Piezo-Electric Crystal in Floors:

Piezo-electric crystals are the materials which generate electricity when they experience a mechanical pressure on them. This is an eco-friendly way of generating electricity. Researches and experiments are being performed to install such system on roads, railway tracks, airport runway, gyms, hospitals etc. The crystals can even convert the human foot energy into electricity. So, we could have floor tiles embedded with such crystals all over the house. We can even have the floor mats with these crystals.


Final Application:

Now, you must be thinking that we have generated the electricity how are we going to use it. The common thing with all such generation techniques is that this electricity firstly is stored in the battery. The home electrical connection could be developed in the general way. Instead of connecting the main supply to the government aided electrical supply, it could be connected to the battery in which the electricity is stored.

Hence, this gives you a Non-Billed Electricity Connection or we can say makes your home self-powered or an eco-friendly home. The initial installation cost for such systems is high but not that high as it had been when they were invented. There is an estimate by many reputed researchers in this field that this cost would soon come down. There are many such other techniques of developing electricity which are being researched on for their feasibility of application. So, folks get ready for this question in your Future. May be our great scientists may evolve much better systems than the one defined above. I have made up my mind to wait for building my house till these systems are developed completely. How about you!

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