Why Is My Home Internet So Slow & What To Do For Its SpeedUp?

Are you uncomfortable with the slow internet speed and feel cheated with the plan purchased? Have you checked it using an online speed test and confirmed the snail alike attitude? Do not worry, there could be multiple reasons for it and your internet service provider might not be the only person at default every time.

slow internet speed

Though it can be improved using various accelerators in your Windows or Mac, it is best to dig down deeper and understand the situation. Sometimes a minute glitch might cause a bigger issue as well. Scroll down and learn your scenario with each point.

1. Is Your Router Configured Properly?

The major hub of your internet connection, router, always needs to be at its best configuration to throw the required speed upfront. You need to keep an eye on the type of traffic you are planning to prioritize over others. For example, if a download or update is being by someone else, the quality of the video calls shall not bog down.

If you have configured it according to your needs and the speed sign is still sluggish, move ahead to another point.

“It should be noted that you need to record every router change so as to undo them when found necessary!”

2. Are You Sure If There Is No Malware Intrusion?

Yes, we all know that malware may come from anywhere, even while browsing very carefully. Its intrusion in your PC can generate network traffic without even letting you know, and internet speed becomes slow by itself. You may also get excessive ad pop-ups, app crashes, and another unexpected behavior which are potential signs of malware and slow internet speed.

If you wonder what to do next, Advanced System Protector for Windows and Systweak Anti-Malware for Mac are the perfect solution. Regular updates and their capability to draw a safe line between the intruders and your PC will help in a good wi-fi speed at home.


3. Are There Any Programs That Are Hogging Up Bandwidth?

Many times, some programs run behind other software and we are not even aware of their ability to consume bandwidth. We are not saying that you shall remove them from your device but customize the settings in such a way that they don’t limit resources for presently running apps.

This situation happens when downloading games or programs where additional plug-ins patch without our approval. What you need to do to sort is to keep an eye on all the background programs when checking speed or troubleshooting the process.

4. If Your Router Or Other Internet Equipment Are Working?

Faulty cables or coax splitters and any kind of overload on the router need to go for a quick check if your internet or Wi-Fi speed is slow for some time. These technical malfunctions surely do not support speed and affect the performance negatively.

Now here, you can try rebooting your router and reconnect it after switching it off for some time. If you have tried connecting cable directly or already tested it with multiple devices, see if faulty instruments can be replaced or upgraded.

What Else To Do For Internet Speed-Up?

If any of the above problems are not the root cause, run a quick check with these points:

  • Make sure your signals are not being blocked or interfered by mobile data or neighbor’s signal in between. It’s better to keep your router near laptop or computer for better results.
  • Consider reporting the situation to your Internet Service Provider! Any kind of technical difficulties due to deliberate changes by him is one of the reasons for the slow internet connection on the computer.
  • Try command prompt tricks to boost the Wi-Fi performance or just go through various other methods mentioned in Effective Ways to Speed Up Slow Wi-Fi.


We all know how frustrating it is when the internet speed goes slow and your browsing gets a setback. And this is the reason we have mentioned reasons and solutions above to free your mind from being baffled.

If you are looking for more solutions, want to share your solution to slow internet speed or have some other queries, write to us in the comment section below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook or YouTube page for more updates.

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