Why is Airplane Mode Necessary in Smartphones

Apparently, there are several directions pertaining to smartphone usage. In addition, there are also certain features that are rather specific and inevitable. Airplane mode is one such feature in high-end devices. Of course, upon boarding a flight you naturally put on your device on Airplane mode.

There are other instances as well when Airplane mode becomes a life-saver for you. Let’s say when your device battery is draining out or when you want to be out of reach for a brief time period. Perhaps, Airplane mode disconnects the device from cellular network, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But have you ever wondered why Airplane mode is necessary in smartphones or for that matter why does it even exists?

What does Airplane mode do?

Airplane mode basically disconnects your device from cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Upon enabling airplane mode on your Android or iOS device, you no longer remain in the reach. This also helps save battery radically. These remains same on whichever operating system or device you may be using.

Having said this, this feature is essentially equipped for users travelling via aircrafts, which also gets clear with its name. But why is it so? Well, there are several myths attached to Airplane mode in smartphones.

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Why is Airplane mode necessary in smartphones?

There are several perspectives attached to airplane mode and certainly that’s the reason why many countries have prohibited the use of device in aircrafts. One believe says, if the device hasn’t been put on airplane mode, it constantly tries to communicate with several cell towers and attempts to maintain a connection at all times. In case, the towers are far away, the device tries to strengthens its signals and make connection with the towers. This entire process may intervene with an aircraft’s sensor and can cause issues with sensitive navigation equipment. This sort of intrusion can further to lead to crashes and that’s a concern that brought such laws in light.

However, modern equipment is accustomed with any of these issues, which further ensures that there aren’t any crashes if anyone hasn’t enabled the mode, in first place. With that been said, there is another outlook towards enabling airplane mode while being on an aircraft.

When travelling up in air, your device rather has strong signals to get connected with. In a nutshell, your phone would be constantly handing off from cell tower to cell tower. This will affect the cellular signals people receive on the ground. Further, this may also cause problems for network service providers if there exist any glitches in their services.

Final Verdict

While smartphones are getting smarter with each technique which is being introduced, some features remain unaltered. Airplane mode on Android, iOS and other operating system is one such feature. Until now, no operation has been conducted to figure out the exact reason why devices are kept on this remote mode when in aircrafts. However, tech giants are working on bring new modules in devices such as cellular calling airplane. In addition, nowadays Wi-Fi is provided to users when travelling.

These tech-reforms are certain to bring up an enhance technology which will help users remain connected with everyone via any given mode.

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