Why Dual Cameras Are Considered Better For Smartphones

You might have noticed that most high-end phones are being equipped with dual rear cameras. Even giants of the industry such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Sony are relying on dual cameras for better picture quality.

Following the same league, most the Smartphone brands introduced dual cameras in their flagship smartphones. Idea behind implementing this technology is to definitely take professional camera like photos but with a smartphone.

But this does not solve the mystery of dual cameras. If we look at DSLRs then they too work with a single lens. Then why is the industry so hell bent on dual cameras in smartphones. In this article we will describe the mechanism of dual cameras that will help solve the mystery why dual camera in smartphones are considered better.

Hard Lens of Smartphone Camera Cannot Be Adjusted:

If we talk about DSLR we can adjust the lens to adjust the focus. Also, we can attach or detach lenses as per our preference. But in case of smartphones we do not have a choice to do so thus dual camera features works better in this situation. With two cameras you will have a better play of background and foreground which gives you bokeh effect as you see on the images take by DSLR. image 1

image 2

Image source : Shutterstock

Dual cameras take better pictures of the objects in Motion :

Another implementation of dual cameras in smartphones is to take better pictures of the objects which are in motion. When you take a picture of an object which is in motion both the cameras click it simultaneously. Smartphones have a better processor and an image processing engine which combines images intelligently taking best pixels from both the images which leave you with a brighter sharper and clear final image.

With dual lens you can zoom better :

On our smartphones we usually have digital zoom but on smartphones which dual cameras you can also have optical zoom. When you use digital zoom in your images it affects the quality. Digital zoom is equivalent to clicking a photograph and cropping it to the subject while in the case of optical zoom pair of dual lenses clicks a crispy image even after zoom which can be called as true zoom photography. For example, on dual rear camera iPhones primary camera is wide angle and secondary is telephoto camera. Usually the second lens set at different F-Stop value. By using this dual camera feature smartphone camera can zoom optically but you may face issues when trying to zoom-in in low light conditions.

Dual cameras work better for Augmented Reality :


Though we can use augmented reality, but AR apps do not have a dual camera but for sure they work fast and better on the devices having dual cameras. Devices with dual cameras are observed to measure distances and lighting conditions more accurately then normal ones that results in better placing of virtual objects in the real world. Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is a specialized device which measures physical space accurately using dual lens and modules.

This is not the first time when manufacturers experimented with dual cameras in smartphones.  Contrary to popular belief, concept of dual cameras on a Smartphone is not that new. Some reputed Smartphone manufactures have been trying to implement dual cameras in devices since as early as 2011. Though these devices could not gained much popularity simply due to poor hardware capabilities.

Some of the popular devices with dual camera features launched in 2011 were LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D. These devices were supposed to allow users to take 3D pictures and videos and to view these 3D images or videos you will need to have 3D glasses.  However, that is all past now and we’re sure soon we’ll see more smartphone models adopt this feature.

This is how dual camera set up work on smartphones so if you are planning to upgrade your smartphone then it is worth gambling on a rear dual camera smartphone.

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