Why Do You Need A Pattern Matcher Tool?

If you are a designer at a textile or paper industry, working on patterns and dealing with designs must be your daily chore. Your collection must be filled with numerable identical-looking patterns. With time, your database is filled with duplicates and similar-looking patterns, making it hard to identify them.

Also, staring at patterns and designs to identify the differences is not easy on the eyes. It is not a one-day task, you need to deal with duplicate patterns, textures and designs every day.

The Design industries require an automated system that organizes their designs under different categories, patterns, types or based on their usage. Scouring duplicate patterns manually can take a toll on your eyes, therefore you need a tool to deal with the duplicates.

Pattern Matcher by Tweaking is one of the best tools to detect all designs with matching patterns, so you can declutter and keep your design database organized. In this post, we will walk you through the features and the process used to identify duplicate patterns and how a pattern matcher tool helps simplify the process.

Highlights Of Pattern Matcher Which Makes It Worth Purchasing

  • Scans Multiple Images Or Folders:

It allows you to scan a single image, multiple images or folders and organize digital design images properly.

  • Powerful Filtering Options:

Pattern Matcher comes with three types of searches: Quick Search, Deep Search and color-based Search. A quick search will help you find duplicates in patterns on randomly stored images. However, if you want to search for identical images along with the images with minor likeness with source image then you must use Deep Search. Color Based Search helps identify design images on the basis of colors. It also allows you to filter the search criteria for more precise results.

  • Your Collection:

With Your Collection, the tool allows you to store all your imported design patterns as if they are on your personal storage. This makes managing, organizing and viewing digital designs and images easy.

  • Sort By Name & Date:

 You can save all images at a single place and sort them based on date and name.

  • Images Organized In Categories:

It arranges your images into different categories. Just need to add tags images, folders and organize your digital data in an effective way. Tagging reduces the time taken and effort needed to find a particular image from a cluttered folder.

  • Design Tagging

Tags play an important role in searching for a specific design. If you add tags to an image, locating it using the filter becomes easier.

How To Use Pattern Matcher To Detect Duplicate Pattern & Texture?

Pattern Matcher is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. If you are wondering how to use, follow these steps and detect and eliminate duplicate pattern and texture images:

  • Launch Pattern Matcher.
    How To Use Pattern Matcher
  • Add images that you want to scan. You can also select multiple images or folder to run a scan and manage design images.
  • User can select tags which will be added to select images. (Optional)
    Use Pattern Matcher To Detect Duplicate Pattern

Note: The app supports all common image formats.

  • Select an image source to find identical patterns and detect duplicates.
    pattern matching
    pattern matcher
  • Choose a search type from Quick Search, Deep Search and Colour based search.
  • The search results will show duplicates according to the source image.Find Duplicate and similar image
  • It will complete the scan and it displays an organized collection of all imported designs, textures, and images in your database.

Note: For easy identification in searches, you can add tags to all uploaded images without any hassle.

Benefits Of Having A Pattern Matcher Software

Design industries have a database of designs. However, designs can’t be managed manually.  If you were to find the correct design, it will take a lot of time and energy. Having a Pattern Matcher with you has a lot of benefits:

  • It helps find identical patterns, making decluttering & filtering images easier.
  • It comes with fast, intelligent and precise search algorithms to identify similar patterns and textures.
  • With power scanning, it minimizes your time & effort as everything is done in a few clicks.
  • It keeps track of all your design resources, in an arranged and systematic fashion.

Pattern Matcher is a sigh of relief for textile and industries involved with design and printing. By making your design library duplicate free, this app makes it easier to find the pattern you’re looking for, without tiring your eyes to a bulge.

Interested in getting a build of Pattern Matcher, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will send you a custom build of the product.

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