Who Will Win The Battle: Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro Or Xbox One X

When gaming industry was suffering from a dearth of competition between console manufacturers, Microsoft’s Xbox 360  jumped right in the fight with Sony Playstation. For some time it was on top of the sales chart of gaming consoles. But such is fame, a slight wrong move can cause a substantial stumble. The launch event of Xbox One proved to be one such affair which gave Sony an opportunity to grab the no. 1 position!

Xbox and play station

After more than a decade, with the new Xbox One X Microsoft is hoping to cope up with the losses. In this article, we will compare the new console with the current top end Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

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Let’s See Who Wins The War.

Release Date And Price

Release date of ps4 and xbox

Sony’s PS4 Pro was launched last year in November, at a price of $ 400 and £349.99. The new Xbox One X launched on 7th Nov 2017, just one year after PS4 Pro, will be sold at a price of $499 and £ 449. That’s $100 more than the former.  Described as the most powerful console by Microsoft, it is a system built for 4K gaming which includes 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

Specifications And Features

Xbox and PS4 specifications

So, you need to pay 100 $ more, but for what? Let’s see what Xbox Scorpio has in store for us as compared to PS4 Pro.

It has a custom built in eight-core CPU, with each core clocked at 2.3 GHz. This is similar to the Octa-core processor in Ps4 Pro with the only difference that it runs at 2.1GHz giving One X a trivial edge.

But there’s something else which is expected to make a considerable difference, the GPU. Custom AMD chip running at 1172 MHz with 40 compute, runs faster than the 911 Mhz 36 units at which PS4 Pro runs.

One X has 6 teraflops (floating-point operations per second) of GPU power compared to the 4.12 teraflops of power in PS4 Pro.

The obvious question that arises next is how will it provide a consistent 4K gameplay?

For that One X has 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, with a total bandwidth of 326GB/s compared with 8GB and a bandwidth of 218GB/s in PS4 Pro.

Xbox One X  VS Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro

Specifications Xbox One X Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro 
Price $499 and £ 449 $ 400 and £349.99
Release Date Nov 7th 2017 November 2016


CPU 8-core, 2.3 Ghz AMD Jaguar 8-core, 2.13GHz processor AMD Jaguar
Memory 12 GB GDDR5

326 GB/s

218 GB/s
Optical Driver UHD 4K Blue Ray, DVD Blue Ray, DVD
Storage 1 TB supports external drive storage 1 TB storage drive can be switched
Backward Compatible Yes Doesn’t support all versions
Dolby Atmos Supports Yes No
HDR 10 Yes Yes
VR Support Not at present Yes
Inputs 3x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI-in, IR Blaster 3x USB 3.1, 1x PS Camera
Resolution 4K 4K
HDR Yes Yes
Dimension 11.81 X 9.44 X 2.44 inches 12.9 X 11.6 X 2.1 inches
Height 2.36 inches 2.17 inches
Weight 8.4 pounds 7.3 pounds
Color Black Black
Networking 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0
Internet Subscription Xbox Live to play online games PS Plus to play online games
Power supply Internal 245W Internal 310W
Ports HDMI 2.0 in, HDMI 2.0 a out 3x USB 3.0, S/PDIF, IR out HDMI, 3x USB 3.1, 1x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x PS Camera
4K Support Yes Yes

Will These Specs Affect Performance?

Xbox and PS4 performance

Surely, yes. With advanced hardware configuration One X will be running games at 60 frames per sec in 4K resolution. Meaning there will be no drop in the frame rate as noticed in PS4 Pro.

Hard Disk

Both consoles come with 1TB hard drive and support external drive when additional space is required.

Xbox One X plays 4K blue ray which means you can watch films in highest definition. But with PS4 Pro that’s not the case.


Xbox and PS4 design

Xbox One X measures 11.8 X 9.5 X 2.4 inches making it the smallest Xbox console, with an in-built power supply unit. Being smallest, it’s still the heaviest Xbox One weighing 8.4 pounds. The front of the console supports 4K HDR Blu-Ray drive, one USB 3.0 port and a controller pairing button. The ports on the back are like its predecessor. From left to right it offers: HDMI out, HDMI in, two USB 3.0 ports, IR out, S/PDIF, and Ethernet.

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VR Support

Xbox and PS4 VR support

Most gamers thought that the new Xbox One X will hook up to a high-end VR headsets. But that’s not the case. There is no VR support as you get with PS4 Pro Playstation VR.


Xbox and PS4 apperance

The noticeable difference between both the consoles is in their planned positioning. Microsoft offers finest quality console with no compromises. Justifying its cost, the console looks like next gen console with advanced hardware. Sony on the other hand has been cost effective and focused more on giving a better gaming experience. One X is a matte black finish console with a physical power button.

Can I Use My Old Game On One X?

One X offers backward catalogue, that is, you can play Xbox 360 games and Xbox One S games on the new console. Whereas, PS4 Pro lacks in this area. It provides limited backward compatibility, you cannot play a PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 disc in PS4 Pro. While you can play most of the game discs of Xbox 360 on new console.

HDR Effects

Xbox and PS4 HDR effect

One X wins the race when it comes to HDR effects. PS4 Pro uses technical wizard to provide enhanced gaming experience as most people don’t use 4K TV.

Games You Get

Xbox and PS4 games

Xbox One X offer more than 170 new and exciting games and more are on its way. The games you get are: Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky’s Tale, Middle-earth: Shadow of WarAssassin’s Creed OriginsHalo Wars 2Gears of War 4Halo 5: Guardians, Minecraft, FIFA 18, Final Fantasy XV, and Star Wars Battlefront II. More titles are expected to be launched soon like, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, on Dec. 12, 2017. Whereas with PS4 Pro you get games like Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne, Detroit: Beyond Human and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding

The backward catalogue in One X will bring a larger library.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to judge which of the two consoles will win. Both are powerful, while Xbox One X has great specs, PS4 Pro has more games.  PlayStation 4 Pro and PS VR is said to be the future but One X is expected to give it a tough time. With technical specifications One X tops the chart, but if we look at the price and overall experience PS4 Pro suits the pocket with its features. Surely the VR support will make a difference but soon Microsoft will have Oculus Rift support which will be a boon. One cannot be certain who will win the race. It all depends on the users liking as it will vary from user to user. But surely, it’s going to be exciting.

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