Which One Would You Prefer? Wireless Charging or Wired Charging

It’s been a few years down the lane since the concept of wireless charging was introduced along with smartphones. Almost all major tech giants including Apple and Samsung are not rolling out their latest masterpieces induced with wireless charging functionality. This is one magical technological concept that has gained massive popularity over the years. Users have always been fascinated with this concept where we could charge our smartphones, wirelessly.

Wireless Charging
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But now as wireless charging has become a popular trend of this millennium, what are your views on the same? How well wireless charging has fared if we compare it traditional wires charging? Is this something you prefer, personally?

Well, to answer all these questions, here’s a quick comparison between wireless charging vs wired charging, highlighting all the differences and insights on both these charging evolutions stating which one is better and why.

Let’s get started.

Wired Cables: The Struggle is Real

Wired Cables charger
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Whether it’s our earphones or charging cables, we’ve struggled a lot in untangling these messy wires all these years. This is one of the most important reasons, why most of us got carried away with the concept of wireless charging in the first place. There’s absolutely no hassle of untangling wired cables and it gives a peace of mind seeing our device charged without any wires. You simply have to drop your smartphone on the charging pad and that’s it!

Wireless charging vs wired charging
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Apart from this, there’s one whole bunch of benefits of using wireless charging. For starters, it keeps your device in a promising and sound state as with wireless charging you don’t have to plug in/out the cable each time you want to charge your device. Also, you don’t have to remember each time where you left your cable or to carry it every time you leave home.

Also, Wireless charging looks pretty neat too! Your device is simply resting at a stand peacefully with no dangling messy cable wires.

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Why is Wireless Charging Not Being Universally Adopted?

No matter how much we love this next-generation charging concept, there are still a few reasons wireless charging is still not the first choice among users.

plugged charging
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Availability Crisis: Say, if your device is running out of battery, you still can’t charge your device anywhere you want. Wouldn’t it be annoying? You will always need your plugged charging pad to charge your device and you obviously can’t carry it everywhere you go.

Performance: Also, many tech experts and researchers have proved that wireless charging is not as effective as wired charging. Your device takes a lot of time until it gets fully charged, so you have to keep it placed on the charging pad for an average of 2-3 hours.

Overheating Issues: Another important reason why wireless charging is not becoming such big of success is because of overheating issues. It has been observed that wireless charging heats up your device which thereby creates a direct adverse effect on the battery.

Overheating Issues
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Expensive: Not all smartphones support wireless charging (yet) which is another disappointment. Only a few smartphone models with heavy price tags are mostly supporting this concept as of now.

There were a few reasons why this lightning evolution and innovative concept of wireless charging is still lagging behind and couldn’t really catch up!


Slowly and steadily, wireless charging is slowly gaining its popularity and universal acceptance. It may take a few more couple of years until the entire smartphone industry adapts to this wireless charging concept. Majorly all tech giants are gradually working on improving the performance of wireless charging in smartphones. Although, it may take a little more time until it reaches an epitome!

So, till then we’re quite content with wired charging. How much do you agree with us on this, fellas? So, that was all on wireless charging vs wired charging from our side. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

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